CONEC’s New M12x1 Connectors

By News Release | October 06, 2014

CONEC’s new M12x1 connectors are field-attachable with a larger terminal cross-section.

CONECCONEC's New M12x1 Connectors has re-engineered the contact design for its M12x1 connectors. The contacts can now take up wire cross-sections of 1.5mm² (maximum) including the wire-end sleeve. With a wire cross-section of 1.5mm², the connector is able to transmit up to 7.5A per contact, and the fifth contact can be terminated in a vertical direction just like contacts one through four. The outer shape of the connectors has not been modified in any way.

The connectors are field-attachable with no need for special tools. They are ideal for applications such as building installation, mechanical engineering, renewable energy, drive technology, assembly and production lines, and rotary encoders.

News Release
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