AirBorn DuraFlex Flexible Circuits

By News Release | September 08, 2015

The AirBorn DuraFlex flexible circuits are ideal for high-termperature applications where space is at a premium.

AirBorn Inc.AirBorn DuraFlex Flexible Circuits announced the launch of its DuraFlex flexible circuit line. They are extremely durable, making them ideal for high-temperature applications where space is at a premium and applications where shock and vibration are commonplace.

DuraFlex is a combination of unique materials and has been tested at a constant temperature of +230°C (+446°F) for up to 500 continuous hours, with no visible signs of degradation, all while maintaining full electrical continuity. DuraFlex has excellent chemical resistance and is lead-free/RoHS-compliant.

AirBorn’s DuraFlex is thinner than fixed or flexible cabling, yet performs at the same temperature and electrical specifications. It is available in many flex constructions using 0.5-ounce and 1.0-ounce copper weights with dielectric thicknesses of 2mil or 4mil. DuraFlex can be produced in lengths of up to 110 inches and its light weight, flexibility, and thin profile provides greater design freedom for OEMs.

Reliability is achieved by eliminating the need for wiring and interface connections, thereby reducing potential failure points. Designing in AirBorn’s DuraFlex can also mean substantial weight reduction relative to traditional wire harnesses, simplifying the assembly process and decreasing potential assembly errors. Routing DuraFlex within a tighter geometry can result in smaller overall packaging, thereby reducing up-front material costs.

AirBorn’s DuraFlex flexible circuits are ideal for automotive, aviation, downhole, medical equipment, and telecommunications applications, or virtually any application that demands the dynamic flexible nature, resilience, reduced weight, and heat dissipation qualities inherent within DuraFlex.

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