Multi-Contact Modular Power Connector

By Connector Supplier | January 08, 2013

Multi-Contact Modular Power Connector

Multi-Contact Power ConnectorThe high-performance MPC (Modular Power Connector) by Multi-Contact has been developed for the transmission of power in the electric propulsion system of rolling stock. It is used to make electrical contact with the transformer, the traction motor, or inverters and batteries, and to provide a power connection between cars. With rated values of 3600V and up to 700A, it is also suited for many other industrial high-current and high-voltage applications. The robust connector with protection class IP66/IP67 in the mated state is designed for demanding applications with more than 500 mating cycles. Developed for the harsh environment of railway applications, the MPC is, among other things, vibration- and shock-tested in accordance with EN 61373 and corrosion-resistant (240 h salt spray test) in accordance with EN 60068-2-11.

The MPC is a modular assembly of several unipolar connectors for cables cross-sections from 10mm² to 240mm². The range of products is made up of straight connectors (MPC-S), bent (MPC-B), as well as receptacles (MPC-X) with crimp or threaded contacts. Several sizes of the insulating body are available for the following contacts’ diameters: 8mm, 14mm, and 20mm. The assembly of these unipolar connectors varies from three to five poles in-line and allows for a placement of up to three levels. For optimum customer-specific configuration, Multi-Contact will tailor to meet the customer‘s needs.

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