Coaxicom Ships 10,000,000th SMA Connector

By Connector Supplier | January 04, 2013

Coaxicom Ships 10,000,000th SMA Connector

Coaxicom, a Florida-based manufacturer and supplier of high-quality RF microwave products, continues to gain market share in its 28th year of business. Following an industry epidemic of counterfeit products being shipped from overseas sources, engineers have expanded their focus from pure price consideration to assuring delivery from reputable resources.  Coaxicom’s long-term history, Florida-based manufacturing, and reputation for quality have resulted in expanded international sales for the growing company.

“Over the past six months, we have opened new markets in Australia, India, Chile, Russia, and Asia,” said Julian Andrews, operations manager. “The RF connector industry is a global marketplace, and US-manufactured components are valued world-wide.”

In addition to the SMA connector series, Coaxicom also maintains a robust inventory of SSMA, SMB, SMC, SSMB, and SSMC, as well as MCX, MMCX, and SMP connectors. The company’s cable assembly division takes full advantage of this ready inventory, providing rapid turnaround on request to meet growing customer demand.

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