VITA connectors Product Roundup 

By AJ Born | September 19, 2023

This week’s Product Roundup highlights VITA connectors from leading suppliers.

VITA connectors

Avnet supplies TE’s MULTIGIG RT 3 connectors. Supporting speeds of 32+ Gb/s, these are among the fastest rugged backplane connectors for embedded computing or VPX (Versatile Performance Switching) systems currently on the market. The ruggedized design makes these connectors ideally suited to withstand many extreme military and space environments. MULTIGIG RT 3 meets the interface dimensions for VITA 46 VPX connectors.

The Amphenol R-VPX Evolution Series from PEI-Genesis offers high-speed modules capable of 16+ Gb/s data rate transfer performance to support the latest high-speed protocols while still meeting open VPX requirements. The R-VPX Evolution Series meets the performance requirements of VITA 46 & 47 while still intermateable with existing VITA 46 backplane connectors.

Smiths Interconnect’s KVPX Series is an embedded interconnect system that provides unrivaled performance in harsh environments while adapting to the VITA standard design requirements. KVPX Series is a shielded, high-density, high-speed, modular interconnect system optimized for differential pair architectures on a 1.8 mm x 1.35 mm grid.

Powell Electronics supplies Amphenol’s VITA 78 SpaceVPX connectors, specifically designed for use in space-based electronic systems. They leverage OpenVPX architecture and technology and are designed and tested for extreme space environments, including exposure to radiation, extreme temperatures, and vibration. SpaceVPX connectors utilize specific wafer loads per the VITA 78 spec to achieve dual redundancy to meet fault tolerance requirements for space systems.

Delta Electronics 4 position (VITA 67.1) and 8 position (VITA 67.2) RF connector housings from CDM Electronics are designed for 3U and 6U formats within the OpenVPX architecture. Interconnects are ideal for blind mating daughtercards to motherboards. These unique connectors from CDM have RF contacts that provide +/- .010” radial misalignment tolerance and excellent return loss up to 40 GHz. The housings are also available with pre-loaded SMPM adapters or a cost-effective, direct snap-in cable mount SMPM contact.

Amphenol SV Microwave VITA 67 RF Interface Connectors and Cable Assemblies are high-density and high-performance devices. The VITA 67.1, .2, and .3 product lines are the latest addition to the RF/coaxial section of the VPX (Versatile Performance Switching platform. These modular solutions include contacts, cable assemblies, adapters, and connector backplane and plug-in modules that support the entire RF signal path of your embedded system. SV’s VITA products are designed for side-by-side implementation with other VITA connector standards and are available in SMPM and SMPS series.

ept’s Velox connector series is a perfect fit for the challenging demands of the VITA 46 specification. Excellent in military, aerospace, data, and telecommunications, Velox high-speed backplane connectors are designed for systems with high loads and stress. Velox connectors are especially rugged, protecting their double-beam contacts inside of the housing. A gold surface of 1.27 μm (50 μin) thickness over nickel offers additional durability and robustness for the most demanding applications. Over 200 mating cycles are possible. Pre-assembled connectors with 72 to 144 contacts are available, but pin counts can also be specified individually for optimal flexibility while designing PCBs. Velox connectors can easily support data transfer rates of 10 Gb/s.

Molex Vita 67 backplane solutions feature 4- and 8-port configurations incorporating 26.5 GHz SMPM interfaces and provide superior RF connectivity within VPX platforms.

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