TPC Super-Trex High-Flex Crane Cable

By News Release | June 09, 2014

TPC’s Super-Trex High-Flex Crane Cable reduces corkscrewing in crane and reeling applications.

TPC Super-Trex High-Flex Crane CableTPC Wire & Cable introduced a new product to its Super-Trex family of cables. The Super-Trex Heavy-Duty Flex Crane Cable was designed specifically for crane and reeling applications. TPC’s extensive family of long-lasting Super-Trex electrical cords and cables was designed and engineered to perform in the harshest industrial environments.

The heavy-duty dual-pass jacket contains a reinforcing aramid braid between the layers, providing added strength and improving cable resistance to pulling and torsional forces. The braid provides greater than 1,920 pounds of tensile load capability, which helps reduce “corkscrewing” (the twisting that causes a cable to bend abnormally and fail under tension), as well as premature cable failure common to standard multi-conductor cables. The internal design is constructed for dynamic applications with finely stranded tinned copper conductors which are assembled with low-friction separators and left-hand conductor lay, and lay lengths that are optimized for longer flex life and corrosion resistance.

“TPC designed this new reeling cable as a direct response to field failures. The new design provides optimal performance and protection while dramatically reducing the potential for corkscrewing often experienced with reeling cable,” said David Sedivy, product manager at TPC. “The low coefficient of friction tape separators allows conductors to freely move inside the cable, reducing friction, improving performance, and extending the life of the cable.”

The Super-Trex Heavy-Duty Flex Crane Cable is perfect for harsh industrial environments, such as steel mills, wood and paper product manufacturing plants, and shipping/container ports. The extra-heavy-duty all-weather jacket provides superior protection against sunlight, UV, oils, solvents, water, impact, and heat, while maintaining all-weather flexibility to -40°C. TPC Wire & Cable’s customers will benefit from its use in applications such as cable reels, wood yard cranes, port cranes, retractable reels, and hoists.

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