TE Cabin Connector System Insert Replaces Two Legacy Connectors

By News Release | May 05, 2014

The new TE cabin connector system insert replaces two legacy connectors with a single, miniature connector.

TE Connectivity DMC-M Module InsertTE Connectivity introduced the new 16-02 insert for DEUTSCH DMC-M Single Module connectors. This new connector enables in-flight entertainment and other passenger cabin providers a way to replace two large, legacy connectors with a single, lightweight, miniature connector, saving space, weight, and cost.

The new connector has been fully qualified to meet the requirements stipulated in ARINC 800. The insert design is field-repairable, allowing cabin system providers to make a repair to the connector after system installation.

“Passenger cabin systems have been predominantly using the same legacy connectors for the past 20 years,” said Steve McIntire, product manager, Global Aerospace, Defense & Marine, TE Connectivity. “While these connectors have an excellent track record, TE’s new insert, when combined with the DEUTSCH DMC-M Single Module shell, enables a 50% reduction in connector count in most IFE&C systems. By combining power and GbE in a single connector, TE is providing much needed space and weight savings, while increasing signal speed and reducing overall system cost.”

Ideal applications for the new insert and connector system include in-flight entertainment, passenger seat power, in-flight connectivity, and other passenger systems for the commercial and civilian aviation industries.

News Release
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