Radiall’s QM Size A Connectors for Commercial Airplanes

By News Release | March 31, 2014

The compact design and quick installation feature of Radiall’s QM Size A Connectors are suited for in-line disconnect applications on commercial airplanes.

Radiall QM Series CheckmateRadiall expanded its Quick Multipin series with QM Size A connectors. The compact design and quick installation feature of QM Size A is suited for in-line disconnect application on commercial airplanes. QM Size A connectors are engineered to meet the most severe aerospace environments. In response to growing needs for lighter components, QM Size A is a smaller version of the QM Size B connector widely used in the aerospace market today.

QM Size A connectors can be mounted in less than 12 seconds without any specific tools. One of the key benefits of the connector design is the slide-lock system, which enables easy installation with the use of just fingertips to mate the plug and receptacle shells together in one simple motion.

As the aerospace industry demands lighter components, QM Size A offers a 40% weight savings compared to QM Size B when a smaller insert is required. In addition, QM Size A was designed to help simplify wiring architecture and provide quick and easy access. The unique click-on system eliminates a potential source of FOD in aircraft.

Key performance specifications:

  • Temperature range: -65°C  to  +155°C
  • Altitude immersion: 50,000 feet
  • Vibration: 13.8 grms
  • Shock: 50g
  • Lightning strike: 3.6 kA
  • Shell-to-shell conductivity: typical <2.5 mohm
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