Positronic’s Waterproof Combo-D Connector

By News Release | August 03, 2015

Positronic’s waterproof Combo-D connector offers mixed power/signal capabilities in a waterproof version.

PositronicPositronic's Waterproof Combo-D Connector has introduced the WCBD Series, a waterproof version of the popular Combo-D mixed power/signal connector family. Features include:

  • Ability to mix power and signal in a single connector body capable of up to 40A per size 8 contact
  • IP67 rating ideal for non-sheltered/outdoor environments
  • Flexible, thermal-resistant adhesive seal
  • Vertical and right-angle solder PCB terminations in two tail diameters
  • Optional flying leads
  • Mounting accessories and hardware that prevent water and dust ingress into the enclosure
  • Optional closed entry PosiBand female contact for ruggedized applications
  • Composite mounting plate, optional stainless steel shell, and heavy gold plating for long-term corrosion resistance
News Release
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