New Product Roundup for October 3, 2016

By News Release | October 03, 2016

Learn more about the best new products available from your favorite suppliers in this week’s new product roundup.



Mill-Max wire termination productsMill-Max has expanded its selection of wire termination products with the addition of new wire crimp and solder cup receptacles. The three new wire crimp receptacles can accommodate wires from 22 – 26AWG and accept mating pins in the popular .025″ (.63mm) – .040″ (1.02mm) range. The two solder cup receptacle additions provide solutions for solder terminations of disparate uses. The 9177 receptacle is ideal for high-current, rugged applications handling currents in the 15A range while the 4485 can be used on pin-to-pin spacing down to 2mm. Three of the five parts have inspection holes to accommodate wire viewing and to promote plating coverage inside the wire termination holes. The receptacles are a two-piece construction with a precision-machined outer shell and stamped beryllium copper internal contact. Like all Mill-Max receptacles, they are capable of multiple insertion and extraction cycles while maintaining reliable contact over the life of the product.

PA&E hermetic 38999-BMAPA&E released its new hermetic 38999 BMA (blind-mate attach) RF connector line, which combines PA&E’s industry-proven hermetic RF connector technology with industry-standard MIL-DTL 38999/23 Series III shell interfaces. The atmospheric side of the connector contains #8 BMA coaxial contacts per MIL-STD-348 while the hermetic side contains SMA contacts per the same MIL-STD. These new high-performance BMA connectors are available in laser-weld or jam-nut configurations with one, two, four, six, or eight contacts. Six key-way patterns and 11-80, 17-75, 21-48, 21-75, 23-06, and 25-08 shell sizes are also available. All formats provide RF performance of ≤1db insertion loss at 18GHz and have a hermetic leak rate of ≤1×10-9cc He at 1ATM. In laser-weld configuration, these connectors are compatible with materials that hermetically weld to 4032 or 4047 aluminum, 304L stainless steel, or grade-2 titanium. The jam-nut versions mount with a stainless steel jam-nut and o-ring. The shell and SMA barrel are made of 304L stainless while the feedthrough insert is Kovar. The BMA outer contract contacts are beryllium copper and the BMA center pins are Kovar sealed with 7070 glass. These connectors have an operating temperature range of -65°C to +200°C.

AVX Corp. 70-9159 Series locking plug contactAVX Corporation has added a locking plug to its low-profile 70-9159 Series single, two-piece contacts for high-current, coplanar PCB-mating applications, which deliver the industry’s smallest profile capable of supporting a full 5A. The latest addition to AVX’s revolutionary, robust, and cost-effective portfolio of STRIPT insulator-less single-contact solutions, the new 70-9159 Series locking plug contact features a positive latching mechanism that effectively replaces costly thermal adhesives, unreliable hand soldering, and large, light-blocking connectors in low-cost linear LED lighting, and a variety of other commercial and industrial coplanar and extended card applications. Based on AVX’s market-proven 9159 Series gold-plated beryllium-copper (BeCu) spring contact system, the new SMT locking plug contacts provide a reliable gold-to-gold active contact interface; can absorb a millimeter of tolerance in the x and y direction, maximizing lateral PCB alignment and mating tolerances for board-to-board applications; and deliver enough force to keep PCBs securely fastened during both shipping and handling and in high stack tolerance applications. Compatible with existing 70-9159 Series sockets, the locking plug contacts are not only fully interchangeable with the series’ non-locking plug contacts, but are sold at the same price. The new locking plug also features the same minimal 1.2mm height profile as the rest of the series, which prevents shadowing effects in LED lighting applications, and can be individually placed and spaced to support any pin count and any voltage rating with a full 5A current rating.

Amphenol RF 4.3-10 connectors and adaptersAmphenol RF now offers a full range of 4.3-10 connectors and adapters, which are engineered for the wireless market and are ideal for applications requiring low passive intermodulation (PIM). 4.3-10 connectors offer the same robust design as 7/16 connectors but are smaller and up to 40% lighter, allowing for much more dense, lighter-weight applications. These designs are IP-67-compliant to protect against dust and water ingress for outdoor applications and provide excellent VSWR performance up to 6.0GHz. Separate electrical and mechanical components yield very stable PIM performance regardless of coupling torque, allowing for easier installation. Silver-plated contacts and white bronze-plated bodies offer a high-degree of conductivity, corrosion resistance, and durability.

te-fullaxs-mini-connectorsTE Connectivity announced its new FullAXS Mini connectors, one of the easiest connector-sealing systems to install in rugged outdoor environments. The FullAXS Mini connector-sealing system is one of the only products available that enables one-handed, blind installs from many angles. With three-sense (visual, audio, and tangible) locking feedback, floating connections, and a twist angle of only 30 degrees, these products can be installed by field engineers of all levels of experience in virtually any location. The FullAXS Mini connectors deliver the small size and scalability to design in power and signal connectivity where needed. The new connectors are 23% smaller than TE’s current FullAXS products and can be placed almost anywhere on the box due to their flexible sealing system. The FullAXS Mini connector sealing delivers a watertight seal up to IP67 and IP65 levels, uses UV material to meet F1 rating UL 94-V0, and withstands all applicable lightning strike requirements, making the connectors ideal for many harsh outdoor environments, including wireless and microwave equipment, industrial, robotic, and aerospace and defense applications.

TE Connectivity Raychme CAT 6a cableTE Connectivity also announced its Raychem Cat 6a cable to help meet the demands of harsh-environment military and aerospace applications. The ruggedized cable design delivers 10Gb/s of high-speed data transmission, which meets or exceeds Cat 6a electrical requirements with sufficient margin. TE’s Raychem Cat 6a cable is constructed with engineered fluoropolymers able to support ANSI/TIA-568-C specifications for stable performance in extreme conditions over long lengths. TE’s manufacturing process and engineered fluropolymer materials enable this cable to be made in 26 AWG to save on size and weight. The Cat 6a cable is compatible with most high-speed connectors (38999, ARINC) as well as TE’s CeeLok FAS-T and CeeLok FAS-X connectors. It is available in two wire gauges – the industry standard 24 AWG and a smaller 26 AWG for size- and weight-critical applications.

Molex expands its HSAutolink Connection SystemMolex has extended its high-speed HSAutolink Connection System with the introduction of a surface-mount version of its right-angle header, offering an additional mounting option for manufacturing process optimization. The ruggedized, industry-standard USCAR-30 header meets all USB2.0, LVDS (low-voltage differential signaling) and Ethernet BroadR-Reach electrical, and EMI shielding requirements for the connected-vehicle segment in automotive and commercial vehicle applications. The one-piece design of the header ensures high integrity and robustness of the connector interface while the high-temperature-rated plastic housing safeguards all the internals during lead-free, reflow soldering. Innovative side ribs on the housing provide PCB stabilization during one-step processing, which facilitates manufacturing process efficiency further. The flexible packaging options, both rigid tray and tape and reel, support fully automated assembly.

Molex Micro-Fit TPA Single Row ReceptacleMolex also introduced the Micro-Fit TPA Single Row Receptacle, which offers a terminal position assurance integrally molded with the housing. The integrated TPA feature ensures terminal seating. The Micro-Fit TPA Single Row Receptacle reduces terminal back-out and virtually eliminates end-product failures caused by terminal back-outs. Assemblers cannot close the TPA unless the terminal is properly seated, and the receptacles provide backward compatibility with existing Micro-Fit 3.0 connectors and terminals to enable running change implementation. Single-row wire-to-wire and wire-to-board configurations are available immediately with two to seven circuits. For eight- to 12-circuit configurations, contact Molex.

Kycon expanded its USB series with a Kycon mid-mount USB 3.1 Type-C female port connector. With a 10Gb/s data rate, USB 3.1 Gen 2 can handle significantly faster data transfer than the standard USB 2.0 and 3.0 products. The mid-mount option minimizes its board footprint to offer a design solution for applications where space is a concern and is backward compatible with USB 3.0 and 2.0 to offer maximum design versatility. Other key specifications include 10K mating cycles, a 5A current rating for VBUS, high-temperature plastic, reflow compatibility, and tape-and-reel packaging.

GCT high-performance USB Type-C connectorsGlobal Connector Technology (GCT) introduced a range of high-performance USB Type-C connectors that sets new market standards in design flexibility, transfer speed, power, and usability. Designed for mobile and smart devices, the USB Type-C connector is ready for next-generation applications delivering speeds up to 10Gb/s for data transfer, audio and video connectivity, HDMi, DisplayPort, and VGA. The connector also supports USB Power Delivery standards of charging capability with rapid charging up to 100W. The new reversible plug design allows the cable to be plugged upside down, making it a more user-friendly interface solution for consumers. GCT’s range of five products includes both horizontal and vertical USB Type-C receptacles. Horizontal receptacles are available in a hybrid of through-hole and SMT, allowing superior co-planarity and facility for inspection after processing. Top-mount and mid-mount versions are available in short and long body types. The drawn metal shell design for horizontal parts provides superior EMI shielding compared to stamped sheet metal housings. The enhanced mechanical strength of the shell structure also makes GCT’s USB Type-C connectors suitable for the automotive, industrial, medical, and instrumentation markets.

HARTING extends line with enhanced line-up of its M12 push-pull connectorHARTING announced an enhanced line-up of its M12 push-pull connectors for robust Ethernet cabling on board trains. The M12 was formerly a connector with screw locking, but with HARTING’s locking mechanism, proper connection no longer requires the use of tools, nor is there any need to observe tightening torques to ensure proper connection. A clearly audible “click” signals that a proper and secure connection has been made. Also, since the connector no longer needs to be screwed in, the working space required for connecting tools is completely eliminated. Previously, the space-saving system in the SlimDesign was only available in one housing shape and three encodings. Signals, lower-voltage power supply, and Ethernet up to 10G can now be routed safely through A-D- or X-coding in male or female variants on board trains. These make the ever-growing offering of entertainment systems for passenger transport possible by employing cutting-edge data transfer rates and the matching infrastructure, i.e. cables and connectors. The new angled design makes it possible to produce smaller housings for switches and other connections, and angling the cable exits means they require less space adjacent to the housing door, which can move closer to the switch or switches, to meet the needs of switch and cabinet manufacturers. The housing connections of the M12 PushPull are designed to be backward compatible and can accommodate both the well-known screw locking as well as the new push-pull system. This permits new switches in rail cars to be retrofitted while allowing continued use of existing cabling.

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