New Harwin Datamate Coaxial and HD Power Connectors

By News Release | October 06, 2015

Harwin expands its Datamate range of products with a coaxial connector and a 10-position high-density power connector.

HarwinNew Harwin Datamate Coaxial and HD Power Connectors released the Datamate coaxial connector and the M300 10-position high-density power connector series. These products can be used in aerospace applications including satellites, military aircraft, robotics, and UAVs.

The Datamate 2mm-pitch, board-to-board and board-to-cable high-performance/high-reliability connectors, which now include a new coaxial connector, are designed for applications where the connector must not fail, including satellites, undersea applications, and aerospace. The interconnects feature four-finger beryllium copper contact technology, which makes the integrity of the contact safe in the most severe conditions, including high-vibration loads, severe shock, high G forces, and other harsh environments. The Datamate coaxial connector features a standard layout, multiport range with 6GHz, 50 contacts, single-body molding, and can withstand 500 mating cycles.

Harwin is extending its M300 hi-rel power connector series with a 10-position interconnect in response to customer demand. The M300 connector can handle currents up to 10A, is durable, and operates across a temperature range from -65°C to +175°C. Designed for rugged environments and able to withstand twice the number of operations as older-generation products, the M300 10-position connector is well suited to UAV and robotics applications.

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