Molex Vertical DuraClik for Automotive

By News Release | March 18, 2014

The Molex vertical DuraClik for automotive on-board instrumentation is a range of 2.00mm pitch wire-to-board connectors available in two- to 12-circuit sizes.

Molex Vertical DuraKlik for automotive on-board instrumentationMolex Incorporated has released a vertical configuration version of its DuraClik 2.00mm pitch wire-to-board connectors. The new vertical DuraClik connector is designed for on-board automotive instrumentation, including steering wheels, shift levers, wiper/blinker levers, headlights, inverters, and air conditioners, in addition to electric bicycles, trucks, cranes, factory automation equipment, and other high-vibration applications.

“DuraClik connectors exceed automotive industry specifications for resilient connector systems that perform in high-vibration conditions,” said Yasuhi Ito, global product manager, Molex. “The shockproof design and inner positive-lock mechanism provide optimal space savings and PCB retention for secure mating in rugged automotive environments.”

The Molex DuraClik series includes right-angle — and now, vertical — configuration connectors to meet various space constraints and harness installation needs. The new vertical configuration connectors feature receptacles mounted in the vertical direction of the headers mounted on the boards. They are specifically designed to improve harness installation in space-constrained automotive applications. An enclosed contact design protects against dust and damage. The inner positive-lock mechanism ensures secure mating, while preventing latch breakage that can occur from wire tangling.

DuraClik connectors meet automotive compartment requirements with a maximum operating temperature of +105°C. An audible click confirms the connector is securely mated. Both the right-angle and vertical configurations of DuraClik 2.00mm pitch wire-to-board connectors employ a shockproof SMT design equipped with wide solder tabs. In automotive anti-vibration tests, DuraClik connectors can withstand an upward pull force of 100N (10 kgf), which allows for secure PCB retention in high-vibration applications.

“Automotive customers need a connector system with more robust features than most standard 2.00mm pitch systems. DuraClik more than meets their needs,” adds Ito.

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