Molex IC Apps Deliver Industrial Communications Product Support at a Touch

By News Release | November 02, 2013

Molex IC Apps Deliver Industrial Communications Product Support at a Touch

Molex recently launched a mobile Industrial Communications (IC) application (app) that gives iPhone, iPad, and iPod device users ready access to Molex products and support for industrial automation projects. The Molex IC App will be showcased at the Molex booth at the Rockwell Automation Fair 2013, November 13-14, in Houston, Tex.

“Our new mobile IC App features fast and logical navigation, convenient links to product data sheets, and photo galleries of our popular industrial communication products,” said George Kairys, product manager, Molex.

The Molex IC App guides users in quickly finding the right industrial communication product for their next automation project. The features include informative product videos, direct access to product datasheets, and a host of other online resources. Enabling an easy selection of PAC/PLC- or PC-based interface modules, industry-leading DeviceNet diagnostic tools, control system simulation software, I/O blocks, Ethernet switches, and software stacks all based on legacy and leading technology protocols used in industrial applications. Featuring a low memory requirement and recognizable Molex-IC icon, users have ready access to IC-centric technical information, a Molex product catalog, and global contact information right at their fingertips.

“Using the Molex IC App, our customers, distribution partners, and design engineers in the field can quickly access the expert technical and commercial information they need, wherever they work and do business around the globe,” said Kairys.

Compatible with iOS 5.0 and later on iPad, iPod, and iPhone 4, 5, and 5s devices, the Molex IC App is available for free download at the App Store and iTunes.

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