Molex Extends CMC Product Line

By Connector Supplier | July 15, 2013

Molex CMC Product Line Extends

Molex has expanded its CMC product line with the introduction of a 28-circuit, right-angle header. The new CMC header mates with the Molex 28-circuit female power connector to offer automotive harness makers a complete, space-saving, wire-to-board solution for sealed transportation applications requiring up to 21.0A.

“By using this one connection system, the customer benefits from economies of scale promoting cost-efficient purchasing and optimized production processes, thus reducing overall costs,” said Benjamin Bochand, global product manager, Molex.

Designed to perform in high-conductivity applications and harsh environments (10g, IP6K7, IP6K9K, and -40 to +125°C), the CMC modular, hybrid connection system is now widely recognized as an industry standard interface used in automotive and transportation power train applications, including engine-control units (ECUs), compartment applications, gear boxes, electronic parking brakes, and suspension controllers, together with body electronics applications in automotive and commercial vehicles. With the introduction of the 28-circuit, high-current, right-angle header, harness makers can now meet more challenging space requirements, such as those found on motorcycle ECUs.

Specific to the CMC 28-circuit, right-angle header is its hybrid terminal combination. Designed with 18x CP 0.635mm, 5x CP 1.50mm, and 5x CP 2.80mm solder-mount terminals, the header is an economical and space-saving solution for applications requiring power up to 21.0A.

“Molex carries a comprehensive line of off-the-shelf connection systems that adhere to the CMC industry standard, enabling harness makers to save on tooling costs and benefit from reduced lead-time,” adds Bochand.

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