Mill-Max Combination Signal/Power Connectors

By News Release | May 18, 2015

The new Mill-Max combination signal/power connectors simplify board layouts and provide flexibility in system design.

Mill-MaxMill-Max Combination Signal/Power Connectors introduced new connector products designed for combined signal and power transmission. These connectors eliminate the need to choose separate connectors for power and signal, while simplifying board layouts, providing versatility, and delivering reliable and consistent performance.

There are two connector set options: A five-pin, compact, cable-to-board socket and header and a 40-pin, board-to-board header and socket. The five-pin connectors have two contacts for power and three for signal, while the 40-pin connectors have 30 signal and 10 power contacts.

The cable-to-board connector pair consists of a board-mount male header and a wire termination socket. The header has a combination right-angle thru-hole (three pins) and SMT (two pins) board termination with anchor pegs on the housing for security and stability. This male connector is shrouded and polarized for alignment with the mating socket and has .032″ (0.81mm) and .0435″ (1.1mm) mating pins.

The cable connector has solder-cup receptacles to accept up to 24AWG wire on the signal contacts and 20AWG on the power contacts; the power receptacles are rated at 8A each, the signal at 4.5A each. The insulator housings for both connectors are made from high-temperature nylon 46 plastic, suitable for most soldering processes. This connector pair is ideal for powering small-to-medium devices and transmitting data. The male board-mount connector is suitable for passing through a panel or faceplate of the device and the female is perfect for terminating to the cable end.

The 40-pin board-to-board connectors each have a 3×10 array of signal contacts on a .100″ (2.54mm) grid. The socket has four receptacles rated at 11A each (.200″/5.08mm spacing) and six rated at 8A each (.150″/3.81mm spacing); the signal contacts are rated at 3A each. The large field of signal pins provides flexibility for future expansion: All 30 signals may not be required for a current design but are available to the designer for changes and enhancements. (Mill-Max can even selectively load the pin field upon request.)

The male header is shrouded for protection and rugged applications. The connector housings are polarized for alignment and have stand-offs to promote solder flow. They are RoHS-compliant and the insulator material for both housings is high-temperature Ryton, suitable for most soldering processes. The mated pair height of these connectors is .415″ (10.5mm). They are ideal for rugged environments, industrial controls, and other critical applications.

Both of these connector products offer the ability to transmit power and data signals via one connector, simplifying board layouts and bill of materials. The pins and receptacles are manufactured using the high-speed precision turning process Mill-Max is known for. All the receptacles in these connectors are fitted with hi-rel beryllium copper contacts.

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