Lumberg RAST 2.5 IMS Connector

By News Release | December 08, 2014

The Lumberg RAST 2.5 IMS connector ensures safe single-sided mating with an aluminum PCB.

LumbergLumberg RAST 2.5 IMS Connector has developed a direct connector with three to five poles that ensures safe single-sided mating with an aluminum PCB, to address the need for heat dissipation in automotive electronics. Its mating face is compatible with the versatile 2.5 RAST connectors used in millions of vehicles, so it can be manufactured to fit operating assembly robots with lines of diameter between 0.22 and 0.38mm2. With nickel layer and selectively gold-plated contacts, the new connectors can mate with aluminum PCBs ranging between 1.535mm and 1.71mm inclusive of dielectric and copper trace.

Aluminum is used as the conductive material and mates only on one side as a result of the direct connector. This design doubles as a space-saving and economical solution that requires an additional lock. Varying connector types are available with different locking options or even supporting frames. With operating temperatures between -40ºC and +130ºC and a 50VAC rate voltage, the new connector demonstrates its versatility and convenience of application for small load currents of up to 4A.

News Release
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