Honda to Lease Walking Assist Device to Hospitals

By News Release | June 03, 2013

Honda to Lease Walking Assist Device to Hospitals

Honda Motor Co. announced it will lease its walking assist devices to medical institutions for people with reduced walking ability or paralysis. The device, worn on the waist with a band around each thigh, is connected to a small motor that assists the patient by providing force that facilitates leg movement.

Honda will lend a pair of medium- and large-sized devices to 50 medical institutions for a year for under $300 per month. Eight institutions have already expressed interest in using the devices. Based on feedback from users of the leased devices, Honda plans to improve their functions toward commercialization.

Honda began studying walking-assist technology in 1999. Since 2010, it has conducted clinical trials in collaboration with Kyoto University’s Graduate School of Medicine and other institutions. According to Honda, the walking-assist devices proved helpful in rehabilitation training for patients with paralysis caused by brain diseases.

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