Feb 2024 New Connectivity Products

By AJ Born | February 06, 2024

New-to-market connectivity products, including interconnects, wire, cable, and cable assemblies, sensors, antennas, materials, accessories, tools, and development kits.

Feb 2024 New Connectivity Products 

Feb 2024 New Connectivity Products > Interconnects, etc.

KYOCERA AVXKYOCERA AVX released the 9159-7X0 Series double-ended linear card-edge connectors with spring contacts. This addition is the first in the portfolio to feature the company’s robust beryllium copper spring contact system to deliver high electrical and mechanical reliability, high signal integrity, and high durability in harsh environment applications. The convenience of a double-ended, single-piece, and solder-free-mating card-edge design and the versatility enabled by its various configurations and plating makes the 9159-7X0 Series ideal for linear PCB mating in harsh industrial, LED lighting, automotive lighting, and transportation lighting applications.


Weidmüller's OMNIMATE 4.0, supplied by Heilind ElectronicsWeidmuller’s OMNIMATE 4.0, supplied by Heilind Electronics, is the perfect time-saving solution for the pioneering device manufacturer. OMNIMATE 4.0 pluggable terminal blocks are an efficient solution for continuous, digitalized device development. With the modular slice concept OMNIMATE 4.0 allows different hybrid combinations for a PCB connection with signal, data, and power in one connector, combining super-fast wire connection technology, modular product design, and fast delivery. The future-proof system is suitable for the highest requirements of the digital and connected world. SNAP IN connection technology allows even flexible conductors without ferrules to be connected easily without tools. An indicator signals the secure connection both acoustically and visually.

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies launched its ECS Lightning Series avionics coax, which adds two new 50 Ω coaxial cables to its existing lineup of ECS avionics cables. CarlisleIT’s innovative avionics coax solutions provide maximum performance in an extremely low weight cable. The two cables have silver-coated copper-clad aluminum conductors and helical aluminum shields to decrease the weight of the coax and minimize attenuation. The Lightning series cables bring signals through loud and clear without adding unwanted pounds. Each new cable has 24 standard connector options and comes with a laser-markable outer jacket to easily customize cable legends without secondary labelling.

Feb 2024 New Connectivity Products > Wire, Cable, and Cable Assemblies

Stewart Connector’s SealJack cable applied connectors are offered by Heilind ElectronicsStewart Connector’s SealJack cable applied connectors are offered by Heilind Electronics. The SealJack series, known for its robust and reliable design, combines the efficiency of Stewart Connector’s RJ45 modular plugs and jacks with a sealed IP67 shell. This unique combination ensures dependable connectivity even in the most demanding settings. The series is available in CAT 5e, CAT 6, and CAT 6a specifications. PoE+ (Power over Ethernet Plus) support is available. SealJack is compliant with IEC 60529 and RoHS specifications. This series is available in panel mount RJ45 to IDC punch-down jacks, cable assemblies, and field termination plug kits in both shielded and unshielded configurations. Panel mount RJ45 to RJ45 couplers are available in unshielded configurations. Latched and secure coupler jacks are also available. The SealJack series is well suited for medical electronics, industrial (non-robotics), datacom and telecom, banking/office/retail systems, military/aerospace/aviation, and more. Its robust and reliable design ensures optimal performance in environments where durability and dependability are vital.

Teledyne Reynolds’ DHM High Voltage cable assembliesTeledyne Reynolds’ DHM High Voltage cable assemblies feature the Teledyne Hi/Mate contact system. Hi/Mate is a high voltage-rated insert that can be seamlessly integrated into various connector platforms, offering versatile functionality while maintaining reliable high voltage performance. Teledyne’s Advanced Interface Sealing System renders them suitable for a wide range of aerospace and defense electronic applications, as well as high voltage applications in industrial equipment where exceptional HV performance and temperature resilience are essential. DHM High Voltage introduces high voltage and mixed-signal capabilities within a standard D-Sub or Mil-DTL connector platform. It is engineered to meet the escalating demands for advanced connector technologies in smaller form factors and delivers superior high voltage performance in harsh environmental conditions. DHM assemblies have a voltage rating of 13.5 KVDC and are suitable up to 70,000 feet. Additionally, the DHM series provides a robust solution for critical ground-based applications, including medical, instrumentation, ATE, and semiconductor inspection equipment.

Feb 2024 New Connectivity Products > Connector Materials, Accessories, Tools, and Development Kits

Heilind ElectronicsHeilind Electronics product portfolio now includes 3M Electrically Conductive Tape 5113 Series. This new product line represents a significant advancement, with exceptional XYZ-axis conductivity, a long shelf, high adhesion, and higher temperature resistance. It even adheres to some low surface energy (LSE) substrates. Made possible by the moisture-resistant polyolefin adhesive, these tapes have a 4-year shelf life and work well in demanding EMI shielding and grounding applications. The fabric tapes are offered in single-sided (5113SFT) and double-sided (5113DFT) and perform well in a wide range of applications, including electrostatic discharge (ESD) applications, display grounding, shield-can lid replacement, camera module grounding, and sensor grounding. In addition to new conductive polyolefin chemistry, these tapes feature a proprietary conductive filler to provide excellent grounding performance to small contact areas. Durability and long shelf-life make the 5113 series an ideal choice for a variety of industries such as medical equipment, communication infrastructure, consumer electronics, aerospace & defense, and industrial electronics.

Weidmuller USA unveiled the new stripax plus toolWeidmuller USA unveiled the new stripax plus tool that can cut, strip, and crimp single wires in the cross-section range from AWG 20 to 14 (0.5 to 25 mm2). Designed to save space in the toolbox, the multifunctional stripax plus is an all-in-one solution. The wire-end ferrules are stored in a magazine in the tool’s handle and are automatically transported to the crimping die. Adjustments to different cross-sections are made automatically so that no manual adjustment is required.

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