FCI ExaMAX I/O Cable Assembly for up to 40Gb/s

By News Release | February 07, 2014

FCI ExaMAX I/O cable assembly technology leverages the ExaMAX I/O connector’s terminal design technology.

FCI ExaMAX I/O Cable AssemblyThe FCI ExaMAX I/O cable assembly utilizes FCI’s proprietary ExaMAX connector technology, which has the bandwidth capability to facilitate signal transmission speeds of up to 40Gb/s. These cable solutions also leverage the ExaMAX I/O connector’s terminal design technology, which significantly decreases terminal stub and ground-mode resonances. ExaMAX I/O cabling solutions combine this technology with an optimized cable termination to achieve minimized impedance mismatch, skew, and signal loss.

ExaMAX cable assemblies feature a highly controlled cable termination process that ensures minimal impact to the signal transmission path and overall signal integrity performance. Crosstalk, skew, and impedance mismatch are significantly reduced throughout wire management, wire termination, and wire strain relief areas to safeguard the high bandwidth capability of the connector solutions. ExaMAX cable assemblies have full electrical performance in compliance with the OIF-CEI-25G-LR industry standard’s specifications.

“The ExaMAX I/O cable solution is another high-performance addition to FCI’s ExaMAX family. The signal integrity performance, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness of the ExaMAX connector interface makes it an ideal choice for 25G+ high-performance cable assemblies. System hardware designers with high-speed 25G+ packaging applications will find an ExaMAX I/O cable assembly to be a versatile solution that can effectively address their concerns for signal loss,” said Roy Muscarella, vice president and general manager of the HSIO business unit at FCI.

“System hardware designers with high-speed 25G+ packaging applications, like internal point-to-point, rack-to-rack, backplane pass-through, or cabled backplane applications, where signal loss is a major concern, will find the ExaMAX cables to be a flexible and welcome option.”

ExaMAX I/O cables are also flexible and scalable. They can accommodate either individual differential pair or ribbonized twin-axial cable constructions at different AWG wire sizes. In addition, when these cables utilize multiple wafer counts as the foundation for cable construction and configuration, they can easily accommodate various differential pair counts, either within a column or column-to-column.

News Release
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