Fairview Microwave’s New Armored Test Cables

By News Release | March 10, 2014

Fairview Microwave’s new armored test cables are coaxial cable assemblies up to 20GHz.

Fairview Armor Cables FMFairview Microwave’s new line of armored coaxial test cables is designed to withstand punishing environments, such as production line testing and continual in-the-field use.

The new armored cables from Fairview can be ordered with SMA or N-type connectors, which are constructed of rugged stainless steel. The SMA test cables are designed to operate to 20GHz and the N-type test cables operate to 18GHz. The strong interface between the connector and armoring, along with the strain-relief booting, increase the overall performance and longevity of the cable assembly. Fairview’s armored test cables are built using a triple-shielded coax with an expanded PTFE dielectric.

Despite having a durable stainless steel jacket, Fairview’s new armored cables are manufactured with a flexible coaxial cable, allowing it to bend and flex repeatedly without degrading the electrical signal. The armored assemblies from Fairview Microwave can be purchased in several standard lengths from 24 to 60 inches. Other lengths, including metric, are also available upon request.

“RF test cables can undergo tremendous strain due to frequent bending, stretching, and twisting during normal use,” said Greg Arnold, technical sales manager at Fairview Microwave. “Fairview’s new armored test cables utilize a rugged outer construction, specially designed to endure the physical stress associated with heavy torquing and potential crush conditions. They are the perfect solution for applications ranging from high-traffic production environments and outdoor antenna ranges to shipboard/flight line and antenna/base station testing.”

News Release
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