Connectors and Cable Assemblies for Cabin Interior and IFE Applications

By Christine Stieglitz | November 27, 2018

This week’s Product Roundup highlights connectors and cable assemblies for cabin interior and in-flight entertainment (IFE) applications.

ITT CannonITT Cannon’s OctoGig™ 10Gb Ethernet (GbE) interconnect solution’s OctoGig™ 10Gb Ethernet (GbE) interconnect solution for commercial aviation, military aircraft, and marine applications, including in-flight entertainment, navigation, radar, surveillance, imaging, and sensing systems, is smaller, lighter, and easier to install than competing solutions and also delivers higher data transfer rates over copper cabling. The series is available in rectangular ARINC 600 and circular 38999-Style nickel-plated shells with PTFE insulators and eight size 22 gold-plated copper alloy crimp contacts, is suitable for use with Cat 7 cable and standard tooling, and is rated for 500 cycles, 5A, 22AWG, and operating temperatures extending from -55°C to +200°C.

TE ConnectivityTE Connectivity’s DEUTSCH DMC-M 30-23 Modules’s DEUTSCH DMC-M 30-23 Modules provide small, lightweight, high-density, and high-performance interconnect solutions especially designed for aviation applications including in-flight entertainment (IFE) and cabin systems, high-speed internet access, lighting and window dimming, power distribution and control, and electrical wiring and interconnect systems. The 30-position modules with size 23 gold-plated copper alloy contacts achieve 50% higher contact density than existing 20-22 modules, deliver 30% space and weight savings in 60-count arrangements compared to 20-22 modules, and employ a reverse design that houses the pin contacts within the thermoplastic and flurosilicone modules to prevent the possibility of pin damage in blind mating applications. Designed for use with EN4165, BACC65, and ARINC 809 shells and with single- and multi-module DEUTSCH DMC-M connectors, as well as DUAL01 connectors, the modules are rated for 1,300Vrms withstanding voltage, ≥5,000 MΩ insulation resistance, a maximum of 5A, 26–22 conductors, and operating temperatures extending from -55°C to +175°C.

NicomaticNicomatic’s Microflex™ flat, flexible harnesses’s Microflex™ flat, flexible harnesses enable weight reductions of up to 60% compared to round cable solutions and feature crimped contacts and screw-fixed UL94 V-0 housings for improved mechanical reliability over long lifecycles in high-vibration civil avionics, defense, security, space, and medical electronics applications. They mate with modular, high-performance CMM 220 connectors, which are also designed to robustly withstand harsh-environment conditions ranging from shock and vibration to solvents and radiation, and are tested to MIL-DTL-55302F performance requirements. Microflex harnesses are available in 100,000 configurations with board-to-board, board-to-wire, and wire-to-wire configurations with two rows and 4–60 contacts on a 2mm pitch, and are rated for 3A per contact, 250V operation, and for 10,000,000 flex cycles with a 0.25” bend radius. Shielding is also available upon request.

Smiths InterconnectSmiths Interconnect’s Lab-Flex® S dynamic, high-performance cable assemblies’s Lab-Flex® S dynamic, high-performance cable assemblies are stranded center conductor versions of the popular Lab-Flex Series, offer improved flexure rates (a 0.5” minimum bend radius) and durability (500,000+ flexures) over the solid center conductor designs, and are especially well-suited for test set-ups and radar and antenna systems that are rated for up to 65GHz performance and subject flexible coaxial interconnects to constant motion and high flexure. They are available with stainless steel connectors and utilize the series’ proprietary solder sleeves to achieve the best strongest cable braid to connector termination of any cable type and ensure superior electrical performance and mechanical integrity. The assemblies also exhibit exceptional shielding efficacy and are available in phase-matched sets.

Newark element14Newark element14 stocks ITT Cannon’s MDM Micro-D (M83513-Style) connectors stocks ITT Cannon’s MDM Micro-D (M83513-Style) connectors for aerospace, industrial, defense, and oil and gas applications that require microminiature, lightweight connectors with high-density contact configurations, ruggedized shells and sealing, and high-reliability performance. The series features aluminum alloy shells in eight sizes, straight flange mount plug and receptacle styles, and a variety of plating and insulator options, and is designed to accommodate 9–100 contacts, as well as special arrangements of power and coaxial contacts. It employs a high-reliability twist-pin contact system with Pos-A-Line alignment features and size 24 gold-plated copper alloy MicroPin™ or MicroSocket™ contacts on 1.27mm (0.050”) centers with factory-terminated wire or solder pot terminations, and is rated for 400VAC, 3A, 32–24AWG, 500 mating cycles, and operating temperatures extending from -55°C to +125°C or +200°C.

Amphenol PcdAmphenol Pcd’s Solaris Series rectangular, plastic connectors’s Solaris Series rectangular, plastic connectors are small (<0.5” tall), rugged, lightweight, and gender-reversible, allowing both plugs and receptacles to be configured with pins or sockets to suit individual application requirements. Designed to deliver reliable performance and ease of use in low- and medium-power commercial aircraft applications with high mating cycles and wide operating temperatures, including: seat arms, seat backs, tray tables, compartments, ceilings, and side panels, the series features a spring-loaded slide lock mechanism and snap-on strain relief that enable single-handed, tool-less mating and effectively eliminate the foreign object debris commonly found in typical screw-mount D-Sub connectors. Each housing is ultrasonically welded to achieve void-free joints and crack-free operation, and has raised finger ridges for a sure grip, integrated cable tie access holes for zero-footprint connections to bulkheads or cable bundles, and interfacial seal and wire seal grommets for IP67 protection from dust, moisture, and corrosion.

Interstate Connecting ComponentsInterstate Connecting Components offers TE Connectivity’s DEUTSCH 369 Series connectors. offers TE Connectivity’s DEUTSCH 369 Series connectors. Based on EN4165/ARINC 809 connectors, the robust series features a compact, lightweight, and fully sealed design developed with both strict industry regulations and EWIS best practices in mind. Available in 3-, 6-, and 9-position configurations, as well as new PCB panel mount and inline versions that are quick and easy to install and offer compact, space-saving footprints, the series delivers cost-effective, high-reliability performance in harsh aerospace applications, including commercial aircraft interiors, helicopters, and rail lighting.

BTC ElectronicsBTC Electronics offers the Delta Electronics MHF/U.FL Series miniature coaxial interconnect system. offers the Delta Electronics MHF/U.FL Series miniature coaxial interconnect system. Designed for use in compact wireless devices, the series has a low mated height of less than 2.5mm, a small footprint measuring 7.7mm², and a wide operating frequency range spanning DC to 6GHz. Receptacles are packaged on tape and reel for use with automated pick-and-place equipment and plugs are supplied on ultrafine coaxial cable assemblies or RG-type cable assemblies configured in MHF/U.FL plug to MHF/U.FL plug, MHF/U.FL pigtail, or MHF/U.FL plug to SMA, MCX, MMCX, or one of several other standard connector options.


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