Business is Excellent and Confidence is High about the Future

By Ron Bishop | February 19, 2018

2017 ended on a high note for the electronics industry, and connector manufacturers are optimistic about 2018.

The connector industry’s strong performance in 2017 has created an environment of optimism as we settle into the new year. In our recent surveys of the industry, we’ve found high expectations for continued growth in the months ahead. Strong business conditions around the world are expected to continue as innovative electronics proliferate and integrate in new areas, creating growth and opportunity in every market. Here are the numbers. 

The December Confidence Index is 99.1, about the same as November at 99.3.

World Connector Confidence Index December 2017

The World Connector Confidence Index (WCCI) is the average of all responses for “present situation” and “future expectations.”

Present Business Expectations

Industry personnel were asked, “What is your appraisal of current business conditions: positive, negative, or neutral?

CCI Present Index

Japan is the only region not at 100%.

Future Expectations

Industry personnel were asked, “What is your expectation of future business conditions six months from now: positive, negative, or neutral?

All regions are at 100%.

CCI Future Expectations Index

Twice a year, Bishop & Associates publishes a new connector industry forecast by region and market sector. For more information the latest forecast for the electronic connector industry click here.

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