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The Rectangular Input/Output Connector Market 

New from Bishop & Associates, the 2024 Rectangular Input/Output Connector Report takes a close look at sales, markets, products, and the global conditions that will shape the rectangular I/O connector market in the years ahead. Bishop & Associates has released a 221-page, five-chapter research report providing a detailed analysis of the worldwide market for rectangularRead More

New Microwave and RF Advances Impress at IMS2024

The technical advances showcased at this year’s event were outstanding. More than ever, IMS is much more than an exhibition. The IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium, held June 16-21, 2024, in Washington, D.C., combined the RFIC, IMS2024, and ARFTG conferences. The event brought together the foremost entities in the global RF industry, from ICs toRead More

What’s the Forecast? New Connector Industry Sales Report

Bishop & Associates’ latest market research report looks at the future of connector industry sales across regions, markets, and product types. After a year of strong single-digit growth in 2022, no one seemed surprised that connector industry sales would decline in 2023. With industry sales performance based strongly on location and market sector, the EuropeanRead More

The State of the World Cable Assembly Market 

New from Bishop & Associates, the 2024 World Cable Assembly Report takes a close look at cable assembly sales, markets, and products, and the global conditions that will shape this product area in the years ahead. Cable assembly sales in 2023 were down – except in the regions where they were up. That unevenness describesRead More

In Conversation: The State of the Connector Industry

A conversation between Bishop & Associates’ Ron Bishop and Samtec’s Danny Boesing reviews 2023 sales performance and explores the possibilities 2024 holds for the connector industry. We are now in a new era for the connector industry. The great disruption of the pandemic has led to the rise of new technologies, a shift out ofRead More

A Year of Connector Industry Intelligence

Bishop & Associates is the electronics industry’s best resource for insights into the interconnect industry, including deep dives into key suppliers, products, and markets. See 2023’s full roster of reports. Bishop & Associates has kept a close watch on interconnect industry for more than 30 years, providing connector manufacturers, OEMs, and investors with critical insightsRead More

How e-Mobility Is Impacting Energy Demand

A burgeoning global population requires more energy than ever for transportation, industry, and infrastructure. New technologies will help meet this demand while also reducing the climate impact of our activities. Global energy demand and supply is changing significantly. In transportation, electric vehicle (EV) innovation has grown quickly, particularly in Europe and Asia, due in largeRead More

2024 Forecast: What’s Ahead for the Connector Industry?

The connector industry has proven its resilience against a range of challenges, with outstanding growth in the post-pandemic period. Can it keep up? After 2021’s stunning double-digit growth, no one expected the connector industry to perform as well as it did in 2022, but in a year marked by continuing pandemic aftershocks, environmental disasters, andRead More

2023 Update: How’s the Connector Industry Performing?

2023 Update: How’s the Connector Industry Performing? The electronics industry and related supply chains are still absorbing the shocks of the pandemic era. After months of record sales, sales have entered a down cycle, yet encouraging signs are present. What do the semiconductor sales say about future sales? More importantly, what does Bishop & AssociatesRead More

Protecting Electronic Supply Chains in an Uncertain World

After years of pandemic disruption, the supply chain for electronic components is bouncing back. The key to future success hinges on our ability to apply what we learned during the pandemic to build dynamic supply chains that can weather the storms to come. Pandemics, natural disasters, and wars, plus labor and electronic components shortages, addRead More

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