ASI Low-Voltage Thermocouple Terminal Blocks

By News Release | June 02, 2014

ASI low-voltage thermocouple terminal blocks are available in six versions for type E, J, K, R, SR, and T thermocouple combinations.

ASI Low-Voltage Thermocouple Terminal BlocksAutomation Systems Interconnect Inc. (ASI) announced six new thermocouple terminal blocks for Type E, J, K, R, SR, and T thermocouple combinations.

The UKJ-W2.5/TC screw clamp thermocouple terminal blocks are low-voltage, temperature-measuring, DIN rail-mounted terminal blocks with two poles measuring 10.4mm wide. These thermocouple terminal blocks utilize 1A/55V of power and accept 26-14 AWG wire. Each current bar is comprised of the same material as the conductors, ensuring no false signals are transmitted when temperature differences exist between the positive and negative paths.

News Release
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