Amphenol SMT Radsert Connectors

By News Release | October 06, 2015

Amphenol SMT Radsert connectors are high-current PCB connectors that provide flexible design and a small footprint.

Amphenol Industrial Products GroupAmphenol SMT Radsert Connectors introduced a compact, high-current PCB power connector that enables power delivery of 35A to 200A. Amphenol’s SMT Radsert offers a flexible design that can accommodate any dimensional constraint and stack height.

Ideal for use in energy storage systems by power supply manufacturers and data center equipment manufacturers, these new board-level connectors feature a small footprint and provide unlimited PCB layout choices to users.

Available in tape-and-reel packaging for high-volume applications, the connectors offer designers the ability to bring power to a board from busbars suspended above or below the board and its components.

SMT Radsert connectors are offered in both press-fit and solder versions. They are rated for applications ranging from 35A to 200A.  The connector’s RADSOK pin-and-socket technology ensures high reliability and durability while offering high current ratings, low mating force, and higher amperages within smaller footprints.

SMT Radserts not only provide dependable operation, but enable more surface space within a circuit board design while eliminating threaded connection failures. They are ideal for use in high-current, single-point connections.

News Release
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