Amphenol Amphe-309 Industrial Power Connectors

By News Release | September 15, 2015

Amphenol Amphe-309 industrial power connectors are ideal for extreme industrial, commercial, and data center applications.

Amphenol Industrial Products GroupAmphenol Amphe-309 Industrial Power Connectors introduced a new generation of industrial power connectors for use in harsh industrial, commercial, and data center applications. The IP44- and IP67-rated Amphe-309 provides safe and reliable portable electrical connections for the most extreme environments.

Ideal for use on construction sites and in commercial and agricultural installations as well as in the lighting and audio power industry, the Amphe-309 has a current rating from 16A up to 125A and a maximum operating voltage of 690VAC or 250VDC, with low-voltage options as well.  These easily-recognizable and interchangeable devices feature a color-coded system that matches amperage and voltage requirements, making them ideal for use in the field.

Used in extreme climates (both indoor and outdoor), these devices are available in a variety of designs from a simple plug to flexible customer-created combination units. Amphe-309 is designed to withstand vibration, impact, dirt, moisture, and corrosive elements as well as wash-downs. ATEX-certified options are available.

Amphenol’s Amphe-309 current range covers all clock positions in use and offers low-profile, watertight, heavy-duty, and ATEX solutions. Each connector features a positive locking feature to stop accidental withdrawal or insertion of the pin while under load.

Approved and certified by CE, UL, CSA, and CCC, Amphe-309 can be used in both international and domestic markets. All components, from the plugs and receptacles to the inlets, mechanical interlocks, and combination boxes, comply with the requirements of IEC 603 09-1 and -2, EN 60 309-1 and -2, and BS 4343-2 1992, as well as UL 1682 and 1686.

Amphe-309 has an operating temperature range from -25°C to +40°C.

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