Yamaichi Y-Con RJ45 Product Family Expands with Cat 6A Jack

By Cable Assembly Supplier | January 09, 2014

Yamaichi Y-Con RJ45 Product Family with Cat 6A JackA new highlight component for industrial RJ45 connectivity is the Y-ConJack-6* series.

This new category 6A (Cat 6A) jack enhances the Yamaichi Y-Con RJ45 product range.

The new RJ45 Y-ConJack-6* series is designed to transmit 10G Base-T and fulfills the stringent Cat 6A ISO/ IEC 11801 standard. Furthermore, the series is the first Cat 6A tab-down variant on the market.

These variants are designed to perfectly fit together with Yamaichi’s new Y-ConProfixPlug-6* and also with all other RJ45 plugs available on the market.

As an optional feature, Yamaichi Electronics offers two light pipes and also two separate power contacts which are additionally integrated and able to transmit up to 3.1A at 70°C. The power transmission capability is more than 45% higher than Yamaichi Electronics’ Cat 5 jacks.


  • Cat 6A acc. ISO/ IEC 11801 standard
  • Reflow capable max. 260°C/10sec
  • Power contacts current rating: 3.1A at 70°C
  • Tab-down version
  • Durability: 1,500 mating cycles
  • Optional light pipes
  • Optional power contacts
  • Orientation: 90°

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