What are Fieldbus Connectors?

Meet the Connector: Fieldbus Connectors Fieldbus is an industrial network used to connect instruments in manufacturing environments. Multiple types of fieldbus networks exist to serve a variety of applications, including EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, PROFIBUS, and DeviceNet. Fieldbus connectors simplify the process of linking fieldbus equipment to network segments. They eliminate the need for junction boxes usingRead More

Look Beyond Cost to Design Cable Systems

The environment and specific application requirements weigh heavily in determining a cable system’s true cost.   Designing a cabling system requires an understanding of the various costs inherent to the application type, which include labor, environment, and network configuration. “Specifiers need to fully understand their particular application and purpose for the cabling before choosing theRead More

Belden’s Hirschmann Valve Connectors

Belden’s Hirschmann Valve Connectors provide a simple and reliable way to connect to data networks. Belden Inc. introduced the new Hirschmann GDM-Series Valve Connectors, which enable a wide range of automation components to be reliably powered and connected to the data network to increase the overall productivity of machines and systems. The connection technology comes from Hirschmann’s tried-and-tested GDML-series. TheRead More

How to Identify Counterfeit Cabling in Healthcare Facilities

Counterfeit cabling can endanger the lives of patients in medical applications and facilities, and engineers and installers should take care to authenticate the cable they’ve purchased. Here are tips on how to identify counterfeit cabling in healthcare facilities.   Medical facilities aren’t immune to fraud: Drug counterfeiting and insurance fraud are a few examples of questionable activitiesRead More

How to Specify Industrial Fiber Optic Cable

Ensure optimal performance in demanding environments with these tips on how to specify industrial fiber optic cable from Kyle Mrkva of Belden.   Fiber optic cabling is applicable in any industrial environment where high-speed, high-bandwidth data solutions are needed. It can be used for campus and in-building data backbones to anchor an operation’s Ethernet, andRead More

Belden Modular Industrial Patch Panels

Belden Modular Industrial Patch Panels deliver a single solution for structured management of fiber, copper, or combination cabling.  Belden Inc. announced new distinct ranges of structured Modular Industrial Patch Panel (MIPP) products for harsh industrial applications. With three robust and versatile termination panel options, engineers and installers can easily connect both fiber and copper cablesRead More

Belden’s Wash-Down Cord Sets

Belden’s Wash-Down Cord Sets are designed to perform in extreme environments, providing functional reliability and lower maintenance costs.  Belden Inc. released new Wash-Down Cord Sets as part of its Lumberg Automation product portfolio in North America and Europe. The new cord sets are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, immense pressure, and the chemical exposure typicalRead More

How to Select Cable for Variable Frequency Drive Systems

Excessive electrical noise in variable frequency drive installations can wreak havoc on the precision electronic components, network cabling, and other sensitive wiring found in most modern industrial facilities. Belden’s Peter Cox explains how to select cable for variable frequency drive systems. Many existing variable frequency drive (VFD) installations use cross-linked high heat water resistant insulated wire (XHHW); thermoplasticRead More

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