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The Top 100 Connector Manufacturers in 2021

By John Bishop | September 13, 2022

A new Bishop & Associates report examines the connector industry by region, market sector, and product type to identify the top 100 connector manufacturers of 2021.

Top 100 Connector Manufacturers

In 2021, the top 100 connector manufacturers by total sales accounted for almost 86% of the total electronic connector market. The world’s top 100 connector manufacturers recorded 2021 shipments of $66,826 billion. This represented 85.7% of the worldwide connector market, down from 93.7% in 2020. The balance of the connector industry had 2021 shipments of $11.165 billion and represented 14.3% of the total market.

While the many smaller players play a critical role in providing innovation, service, and specialty expertise to the electronics industry, the top 100 companies show us how technology trends are shaping the future of product development. A new report by Bishop & Associates identifies the top companies and explores their influence on the major market sectors, including Telecom/Datacom, Industrial, and Automotive.

The Top 100 Connector Manufacturers report includes an in-depth look at the top 50 connector manufacturers, showing top manufacturers by region of the world, end-use equipment sector, and key product area. Also provided is an overview by total connector sales and region of the top 100 connector manufacturers in the world.

Over the last decade, Bishop & Associates has identified more than 750 connector manufacturers, many of which have been acquired by larger companies. In fact, if you were to review the list of top 100 connector companies in 2000 with the list of the top 100 connector companies in 2021, you would see that approximately 48% of the companies listed in 2000 were acquired by other companies. In recent years, names like ERNI, Positronic, Genesis Connector Technology, and Winchester Interconnect — all at one time top 100 place holders — have been acquired by other electronics companies.

Many connector companies offer highly focused product offerings, or support niche markets or specific regions. Additional connector companies, especially in China and other developing countries, as well as non-connector companies who are expanding their current product offering to include interconnect or who are developing application specific connectors to support their other products, will help shape the future of the connector industry.

The following table shows percent of sales for the top 100 connector manufacturers, and all other connector manufacturers by geographic region.

top 100 sales by region of the world

How do the findings in this report compare to the past? Visit our archives to learn about the Top 10 connector companies from 2020.

To learn more about the new Top 100 report, visit Bishop & Associates.

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