October 2023 New Connectivity Products  

By AJ Born | October 03, 2023

New-to-market connectivity products, including interconnects, wire, cable and cable assemblies, sensors, antennas, materials, accessories, tools, and development kits.   

October 2023 New Connectivity Products 

October 2023 New Connectivity Products >Interconnects, etc. 

Weidmuller USA’s TERMSERIES-COMPACT modulesWeidmuller USA’s TERMSERIES-COMPACT modules are a versatile all-rounder in terminal-based design. These cutting-edge relay modules are incredibly compact with a width of only 6.4 mm and a low height, making them a perfect fit for any low cabinet box. They can be customized for space-saving needs in applications that require a normally open contact version or a fused relay output version. With TERMSERIES-COMPACT, extra terminal blocks with fuses are not needed. These relays can be installed anywhere, even in environments with strong vibrations. Since they have the same contours as the tried-and-tested TERMSERIES family, all the accessories of the series can be used for applications such as cross-connections. 

Smiths InterconnectSmiths Interconnect added a high-density option to its established D connector series for the medical market segment. The increasing demand for high-density electrical connectors in medical devices is driven by the size, weight, and functional requirements of the device. Due to the increasing popularity of portable and patient wearable devices, size and weight of connectors have become more important in this segment. The newD04 connectors leverage the versatility of the D Series to deliver a reliable interconnect solution for applications that require high density, high cycle life, and ease of assembly. With the addition of the D04 connectors, the series now includes a high-density configuraton able to offer high contact count, up to 10,000  cycles, ease of use and verifed electrical performance. Using a pin and socket configuration, the new D04 connector has an insulation resistance greater than 5000 MOhm at 500 VDC. Thanks to this additional configuration, the D-Series meets the electrical requirements of EIA-364-05 to 70 Test Procedures (Electronic Industries Alliance) and uses low resistance pin and socket technology, which is an advantage over its spring probecounterparts. 

Newark introduced new, cutting-edge Eethernet switches, terminal blocks, panel meters, and more.Newark introduced new, cutting-edge Ethernet switches, terminal blocks, panel meters, and more. These additions make it possible for customers to advance industrial machinery, tools, and technologies with ease. They include Red Lion NT5000 Series, Gigabit Managed Layer 2 Industrial Ethernet Switches clear, comprehensive, and fast network management tools for organizations; Weidmuller Klippon Connect-SNAP IN Terminal Blocks innovative, fast, and easy to use conductors that simply need to be inserted into the connection point; and Trumeter APM Series Panel Meters visible and easy-to-use programmable panel meters with a multitude of options that can be set using the APM software. In the spirit of offering the most advanced and cutting-edge products, Newark is also enhancing product traceability by providing date and lot code tracking for over 70,000 bestselling board level components, including the latest industrial products. 

ODU builds on the proven MEDI-SNAP connectorODU builds on the proven MEDI-SNAP connector with the ability to transmit high voltages. Both pure high-voltage connectors and combinations of higher voltages (up to 5kV peak voltage) together with signals in a hybrid configuration are possible. These are combined in a robust and reliable design. The connectors are autoclavable. If the cable and the entire cable assembly are designed accordingly, this enables continued re-use in sterile medical environments and thus ensures the highest hygiene standards. Other sterilization methods commonly used in the medical field are also possible. The connectors ensure reliable power transmission and help to make the treatment process safer and more effective in applications such as ablation catheters, shock wave therapy, and piezo applications. ODU MEDI-SNAP High Voltage connectors offer high mating cycles, compact design, high pin count, secure locking, and the ability to transmit high voltages in combination with high pulse currents. The plastic housing provides reliable insulation from the inner conductive materials and meets the highest safety standards. 

October 2023 New Connectivity Products >Wire, Cable, and Cable Assemblies  

 DigiKey supplies ConductRF’s ready-made Plug-In RF Cables for D38999 and VITA 67.DigiKey supplies ConductRF’s ready-made Plug-In RF Cables for D38999 and VITA 67. ConductRF offers multiple solutions for both styles of multiport  connector. These are 100% factory tested to exacting VSWR and loss standards. D38999 integrates BMA, SMPM, & and SMPS cConnectors, also other #8, #12, & #16 coax contact solutions. VITA 67.1/2 uses SMPM solutions, but the new VITA 67.3 also offers SMPS and NanoRF to support your coax needs. 

October 2023 New Connectivity Products >Sensors and Antennas 

Arrow Electronics supplies the Taoglas GNSS antenna.Arrow Electronics supplies the Taoglas GNSS antenna. This first-of-its-kind invisible multiband antenna is designed with pre-adhered adhesive. The TFX125.A is east to install in low-profile applications.  




f low-frequency waveguide standard gain hornsPasternack’s a new line of  low-frequency waveguide standard gain horns enhance antenna and wireless system testing equipment. The horns support frequency ranges as low as 320 MHz with versatility, precision, and adaptability. They offer an extensive range of frequency and gain options, from 320 MHz up to 2.20 GHz. They are user-friendly, designed to blend seamlessly into existing setups with a direct-mounting feature for other waveguide systems. They are constructed from the finest high-grade aluminum and finished with a corrosion-resistant powder coating. The low-frequency waveguide standard gain horns provide an alternative for those who don’t require TAA/U.S.-made products, without skimping on performance. They ensure a steady, consistent gain versus frequency. 

KP Performance Antennas’ new line of cutting-edge wireless internet service provider (WISP)KP Performance Antennas’ new line of cutting-edge wireless internet service provider (WISP) antennas are designed to support internet service providers (ISPs) that rely on wireless networking infrastructure. These WISP-sector antennas provide a flexible and efficient solution for the rapidly growing wireless communications market. The product lineup features antennas with popular beamwidth patterns, including 40° and 65°, enabling ISPs to choose the best configuration for their unique coverage needs. These antennas cover popular frequency bands such as 2.4, 3.3, and 6 GHz, with gain performance ranging from 12 dBi to 18 dBi. The antennas support 5G, WLAN, CBRS, and 6 GHz unlicensed bands, thus aligning with the global shift towards fifth-generation technology. Moreover, the products’ point-to-multipoint coverage system paves the way for a more efficient and reliable communication network, broadening the horizons for WISPs. 

October 2023 New Connectivity Products >Connector Materials, Accessories, Tools, and Development Kits 

Heilind Electronics features the SunStrap line of PVC PVC-coated stainless steel straps from Heyco.Heilind Electronics features the SunStrap line of PVCcoated stainless steel straps from Heyco. For demanding wire management, panel security, and organization projects in harsh environments, the Heyco SunStrap succeeds where plastic or nylon wire ties fail. The PVC-coated stainless steel makes SunStraps reusable and resistant to sunlight. With 200 pounds of pull force, this solution improves durability. The SunStrap’s reusable design means that maintenance tasks can be performed without tedious cutting, removal, and replacing of traditional ties. Heyco SunStraps are well suited to solar panel installations, HVAC, and other industrial harsh environment applications. 

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