Molex Offers Custom LED Circuit Assemblies

By Connector Supplier | July 24, 2012

Molex Inc. said it is bringing custom LED circuit assemblies into a broader range of electronic products, from appliances and computers to automotive and consumer electronics.

Molex LED solutions on printed circuit board (PCB) substrates are designed to meet high-volume manufacturing requirements in automotive, consumer, medical, military/aerospace, telecommunications, transportation, and industrial equipment applications.

Molex LED assemblies feature rigid circuit boards as well as polyester and polyimide flexible circuit substrates to provide 3D lighting effects in cutting-edge designs and to reduce weight and thickness. The company uses proprietary bonding techniques to attach LEDs to flexible polyester circuitry, providing a lightweight, low-profile option for adding simple electronic components.

Integrating LED circuitry with a graphic overlay or a Molex membrane switch can provide a total user interface with numerous options to enhance application features. Molex polyimide LED circuits circuit assemblies offer the robustness of a PCB assembly, with reduced weight and reduced thickness for tight spaces and harsh environments, while enabling customers to incorporate the flexibility and artistic benefits of 3D effects into LED designs.

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