News Briefs for October 20, 2015

By News Release | October 20, 2015

For the latest announcements from the connector industry, check out the news briefs for October 20, 2015.

Molex expanded its printed electronics portfolio with the recent acquisition of Minnesota-based Soligie Inc. Custom Soligie solutions provide a robust and economical alternative to a rigid printed circuit board (PCB) or copper flex circuits in sensor applications for medical, industrial, consumer, defense, and other industries. Soligie sensor solutions are ideal for measuring temperature, shock and humidity, physiological monitoring, environmental and biochemical sensors, and virtually any sensor product requiring a thin, flexible electronic form factor. Suitable for integrating sensors, batteries, RFID, thin displays, LEDs, and other passive devices, the Soligie manufacturing process yields small, flexible all-in-one sensor solutions at a lower overall cost than conventional circuitry. Molex partners with customers and strategic suppliers to provide services that include Soligie sensor design and process development, prototype fabrication, product development, commercialization, and manufacturing.

Mouser Electronics announced the winners of the 2015 Create the Future Design Contest, of which it is a major sponsor. The grand prize of $20,000 was awarded to Procyrion Inc. of Houston for its AortixTM, a catheter-deployed heart pump intended for long-term treatment of chronic heart failure. Mouser is a major sponsor of the annual contest, a global challenge to engineers and students to create the next great thing, which attracted more than 1,100 innovative ideas from engineers and students in 60 countries. Thinner than a pencil and only 6cm long, AortixTM has the potential to become a low-risk circulatory assist device for a broad range of patients.

Registration is now open for Phoenix Contact’s Nanoline competition. The Nanoline Contest gives students the opportunity to showcase their talent by designing and building an automation project. This provides students the opportunity to work in a team environment enhancing not just their technical and project management skills as they work together to finalize their entry. This contest can also open many doors for the students as they begin to develop relationships within Phoenix Contact. After high school graduation, students can apply to the company’s apprentice program in the fields of mechatronics, IT, and quality. These apprenticeships include full-time employment and a fully funded degree from Harrisburg Area Community College.

Samtec and Amphenol Aerospace announced a strategic partnership to address the growing need for embedded optics in rugged environments. Samtec is releasing an extended-temperature embedded optical module utilizing its FireFly platform. This new FireFly will have architectures supporting 12 channels as well as four channels at 10Gb/s per channel from -40°C to +85°C, all benefiting from the FireFly platform’s industry-leading density. Coupling this product with the extensive line of Amphenol Aerospace’s rugged passive solutions will give customers a streamlined path to a complete end-to-end, rugged optical solution. Samples of the extended-temperature FireFly are available now.

The deadline to nominate a deserving engineer for the DesignCon Engineer of the Year award, which will be announced at DesignCon 2016, is November 15, 2015 . The award, sponsored by National Instruments, includes a $10,000 grant that the winner can designate to his/her choice of institution of higher learning. You can nominate yourself, a colleague, a friend, or even someone you’ve simply seen present a paper. The winner will be selected based on his or her leadership, creativity, and out-of-the-box thinking brought to design/test of chips, boards, or systems, with particular attention paid to areas of signal and power integrity.

Delphi Automotive PLC has launched its next-generation Delphi Connection Systems Catalog, an online catalog that details the connectors and connection systems Delphi offers for various industries and product segments. The refreshed e-catalog management system is the first part of a functional re-design to enhance the user’s experience when searching for products. Each portal within the e-catalog holds a library of part numbers, product details, and links to related documents. Users also have the ability to compare products and submit questions to the Delphi Connection Systems team.

Neutrik AG celebrated its 40th anniversary and the production of its one billionth connector. The company began as a small operation in the backyard of an old farmhouse in Schaan, Liechtenstein and now has subsidiaries in the US, UK, France, Japan, China, Hong Kong, India, and Germany, plus a network of distributors in more than 80 countries worldwide. The company produced its one millionth connector back in 1983, and now it claims to be the biggest producer of XLR-based connectors in the world. Long-standing CEO Werner Bachmann will be stepping down at the end of the year, and mechanical engineering graduate Peter Boeglin has been appointed to take his place, assuming full responsibility for the role on 1 January 2016.

Hitaltech has been named an authorized distributor for Omron Electronic Components and will carry Omron’s range of FPC-FFC connectors. The distributor is focused on design-in applications, working with engineers to offer solutions to their design requirements. With Omron’s FPC-FFC connectors, Hitaltech can now offer a connector that is compatible with its flexible cables.

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