JST’s AUH Series Crimp-Style Subminiature

By News Release | March 03, 2014

JST’s AUH Series crimp-style subminiature connectors are wire-to-board interconnects that offer design flexibility in LED applications.

JST's AUH Series crimp-style subminiature connectorsJST’s AUH Series wire-to-board, crimp-style, disconnectable connectors offer subminiature size, design flexibility, and reliable contact construction for high-density applications. These 1.85mm (.073”) pitch, right-angle, side-entry, surface-mount connectors are polarized and have a secure friction locking feature when mated. Ideally suited for LED light applications, the AUH Series is designed for maximum PCB flexibility with a mated height of only 1.85mm (.073″). Their unique design features a socket half that is mated with the header from the vertical direction, while wires exit the socket in a horizontal direction. This unique construction allows for the placement of the header anywhere on the PCB, which enables components to be placed all around the header without mating issues.

The AUH crimp-style connector series is available in three (two power/one signal) and five (four power/one signal) circuits with a 5.0A (AC/DC) rating using a 22AWG wire at 30VAC/DC. Wire sizes AWG 30 to 22 are accommodated. Temperature range is -25°C to +85°C, including temperature rise in applying electrical current. Headers are molded of RoHS-compliant 94V-0 PBT material and feature insertion guides for easy and secure mating.

The AUH Series contacts are gold plated over nickel-under-plated copper alloy base material. Contacts are offered on standard size reels for semi-automatic or fully automatic application tooling. SMT headers are provided on embossed tape for automatic insertion equipment.

News Release
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