Updated: November 20th, 2019

The telecom interconnect market is the third largest market sector by annual revenues.

In 2013, the worldwide market for interconnect products used in telecom (telecom/datacom) totaled $25.0 billion including connectors and cable assemblies. Individually, connectors accounted for $9.8 billion in sales and cable assemblies equaled $17.9 billion. The figures cannot be directly added to get the total interconnect product sales due to potential double counting of the connectors in the cable assemblies. On average, cable assemblies contain approximately 15% connector content by value.

The largest region in 2013 for interconnect sales into the telecom market sector is China at 38% share of market (SOM) equaling $9.6 billion. Asia Pacific is the second largest region at 18% SOM. Japan is the smallest region with an SOM of 7%.