ECT High-Performance SCM Radial Connectors

By News Release | March 31, 2014

The new ECT high-performance SCM Radial Connectors are ideal for battery charging, board-to-board connections, interposers, and medical devices.

ECT High-Performance SCM Radial ConnectorsEverett Charles Technologies’ (ECT) Compliant Connector Solutions introduced the SCM family of high-performance Radial Connectors – SC1 – at ATX/MD&M West. The SC1 connectors are offered with single and paired rows, easy-to-configure connector footprints, and the ECT CP-059 high current product line.

Specially designed for high-current, high-power needs (10 Amps), the connectors are available in surface-mount and thru-hole designs. Additionally, the low resistance allows faster charge times and the internal bias minimizes disconnections even in high-vibration applications, creating a high-reliability solution.

Additionally, ECT offers custom design probes and connectors for high-current, battery, and high-frequency applications. With five decades of connector design experience, ECT has the capabilities to design for almost any customer requirements, including military, medical, and aerospace.

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