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By AJ Born | February 27, 2024

Industry experts are now as close as your own device.

Podcasts have gained popularity, at least in part, because they are conveniently accessible on the go. Today, they are available on just about every topic and the connector industry is no exception. Want to keep up with the latest information in the world of electronic interconnects? Here is a sampling of ways you can tune in to hear industry experts share their wisdom.

Amphenol: The Interface

Each episode of The Interface, hosted by Chris Cappello, features a conversation with a member of the Amphenol team. The people being interviewed bring their own singular perspectives, coming from different Amphenol companies, departments, and levels, to share their unique backgrounds and experiences, as well as insights into the businesses they represent. Recent episodes feature conversations with Ashley Smith-Heine, director of sales & marketing for Amphenol TPC Wire & Cable (Cleveland), one of the newest members of the Amphenol family; Marcos Wrobel, sales director for Amphenol Antenna Solutions; Jamie McBride, global business development director for Amphenol Energy Technologies; and Melissa Steward, Unit Controller for Amphenol Custom Cable. Cappello asks questions with a sense of humor, which makes the conversations entertaining as well as informative. He concludes each episode by asking for the subject’s desert island album, book, and movie. The Interface is a great reminder that the world of technology has people at the heart of it. In the December 13 episode, Amphenol President and CEO Adam Norwitt said, “I have come to this kind of feeling about people, which is: people are just walking stories… and those stories are what are so interesting. Everybody has a story.” Check out The Interface and get to know the people of Amphenol.

TTI: The Distribution Download

For the latest information on the world of electronic components, tune in to The Distribution Download, part of the TTI’s Market Eye Resource Center. TTI specialists talk about all things happening in the world of components. Recent episodes have covered topics such as AI, optoelectronics, RoHS and other regulations, passive components, and even featured our own Ron Bishop, president of Bishop & Associates, for a discussion of market forecasting in the connector industry. Other segments highlight TTI suppliers. “Big Ideas and Little Known Facts” features experts from Molex. “Contact Point” features experts from Phoenix Contact.

Bulgin: The Bulgin Podcast

On The Bulgin Podcast, host Mark (who doesn’t give his last name but has a fabulous Scottish accent) speaks with David Pike, known as the Connector Geek, about various Bulgin products, engineering resources, and applications. Videos from the Connector Geek Series are also on this page.

PEI-Genesis: PEI Connects

PEI Connects is a new podcast from PEI-Genesis. Host Zafar Jamati speaks with PEI experts on everything from the basics of connector design to the latest advances in material science and manufacturing. The podcast is geared toward electrical engineers, technicians, or anyone who wants to learn more about the subject. Episode one features Hans Wegendal, regional sales manager Scandinavia at PEI-Genesis, who shares his knowledge about the cutting-edge EV and e-mobility market. In the second episode, Jonathan Parry, the company’s senior vice president and MD Europe, discusses the role of connectors in the development of affordable EVs. In the third and latest episode Lee Slater, European operations manager at PEI-Genesis, discusses AI in the world of connectors. PEI-Connects is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Samtec: The Transmission Line

Each episode of The Transmission Line, the official podcast of Samtec Inc., focuses on a specific aspect of the interconnect industry, while also touching on broader themes such as industry trends and providing real-world solutions for customers. Hosts Matt and Dave (again, no last names, and Dave has a lovely British accent) seek to inform and entertain listeners during their conversations with experts from Samtec and elsewhere. (Check out the Jan. 2 episode with Bob Hult, Bishop & Associate’s director of product technology.)

TE Connectivity: Our Connected World

Our Connected World, a podcast series from TE Connectivity, features conversations with engineers, for engineers. Guests provide insights into the technical challenges, design requirements, and business constraints involved in engineering the technology that is making the world safer, sustainable, productive, and connected. Our Connected World is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google.

CDM Electronics: Beyond the Connection

CDM Electronics Beyond the Connection podcast series features engaging conversations with the company’s subject matter experts, including executive staff, product management, sales team members, and IT influencers. Episodes cover relevant, timely, and entertaining insights into the electronics industry, the MIL/aero market, supply chain intricacies, and information technology. The show is hosted by CDM’s Joe Murphy and Mike Stoever.

Women in Electronics: WE Podcast

The WE Podcast focuses on leadership. Jackie Mattox, founder and president of Women in Electronics (WE), a non-profit organization dedicated to the professional and personal development of women, speaks with men and women, many of whom have been in the electronics industry for several decades. During these lively sessions, they share how they got where they are, talk about their companies, explain what they bring to their positions, reveal their visions for the future, and tell us what they hope to leave behind. Relevant leadership topics, such as gender parity and best practices for corporate diversity and inclusion policies, are part of the conversation.

To learn more about the companies mentioned in this article, visit the Preferred Supplier pages for Bulgin Components, CDM Electronics Inc., Molex, PEI Genesis, Phoenix Contact, Samtec Inc., TE Connectivity, and TTI Inc.

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