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QA Technology’s integraMate® family of patented, hyperboloid contacts are designed to meet the demanding requirements of connector manufacturers, cable assemblers and OEMs in today’s military & aerospace, medical equipment, scientific instrument, telecommunications and other industries – where high reliability connections are non-negotiable.

More Compact

integraMate’s reduced diameter allows them to fit into today’s modern smaller connector platforms.  Discrete contacts are available for connectors in mating pin sizes from 0.4mm diameter up to 1.5mm diameter (1.0A to 12.0A), for mounting spacing as small as 1.0mm from center to center. integraMate contacts are also available in a family of latching circular connectors with 3, 7, 9 & 14 positions. integraMate technology allows manufacturers to meet targets for reduced center distances, without the need to reduce the pin diameter.

More Dependable

integraMate® hyperboloid contacts are extraordinarily resistant to shock & vibration. integraMate sockets utilize a single wall, deep drawn tube with an integral “return” providing both the outer shell and the support for the contact wires in a single layer. Not only does this deliver better protection of the hyperbolic wire cage, it means lower and more uniform insertion and extraction forces, so high pin count connectors can be mated by hand.  In addition, integraMate contacts have low electrical resistance, a longer cycle life, and high resistance to fretting corrosion.

More Choice

integraMate hyperboloid contacts are designed with flexibility in mind. Our automated assembly system enables easy customization of the contact and allows us to accommodate a wide range of insulator design, termination needs and preferences for contact retention and loading. Our ICS contacts can be configured to be fixed, removable, loaded from the mating face or rear loaded. Terminations can include solder cup, crimp, straight and right-angle PCB, square post, etc. We can move from concept to prototype contacts, in 6-8 weeks or less.

For more than 30 years, QA Technology has delivered products manufactured to the highest quality, while maintaining an unsurpassed level of service to customers.  QA designs and manufactures its own production equipment.  By tightly controlling the entire process, from initial design concept to finished machining, QA Technology produces world-class interconnect products, offers competitive prices and short lead times.

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