Updated: February 13th, 2014

Guidelines for Connector Specification During Product Design

APEX-connector-specification-in-design-1Connectors, unfortunately, may contribute to an unacceptably high product failure rate. One reason for this is that connectors are typically a low priority in the initial design phase of the system. This can lead to a design engineer getting boxed in with limited connector space and access if proper connector design was not considered earlier in the design process. Connectors are becoming more system-critical, particularly with the demand for higher speeds, faster rise times, and higher densities. After a connector is selected and designed into the system, it is often very difficult to change because of space restrictions and limited access.

If you could purchase the perfect connector, what features would it exhibit? Several that immediately come to mind include:

  • Zero electrical resistance
  • Unlimited dielectric breakdown
  • Zero signal distortion
  • Zero insertion force
  • Unlimited retention force
  • Zero extraction force
  • Zero size
  • Zero piece cost
  • Zero application cost
  • Meets all required attributes for the application

Well, this is not a perfect world, and there are no perfect connectors.

All real connectors are a compromise from the ideal product and there are thousa