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Annual Distributor Customer Survey: Who’s on Top?

By Connector Supplier | May 19, 2014

The results of Bishop & Associates’ annual distributor customer survey have been tallied and presented at EDS. Read on to find out which distributors are the best for service, breadth of product, delivery, and price.

Bishop & Associates conducts an annual survey of the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), contract manufacturers (CEMs), and cable assemblers (CAs) in the US, Europe, and Asia to determine how the electronic distribution industry and individual electronics distributors are performing.

The objectives of the survey are to:

  • Determine how the overall electronic distribution industry is serving the needs of the customers
  • Establish an industry benchmark from which we can evaluate individual company performance
  • Measure individual company performance in relation to major competitors and the industry benchmark
  • Measure performance in selected service areas, identifying where customers believe improvements are required

The survey was sent to Bishop & Associates’ list of connector buyers, engineers, and designers. All participating distributors were given the option to send the survey to their mailing lists. 1,026 responses were received and included in the results.

Distributors included in the survey questionnaire were:

Customers were asked about their level of satisfaction with distributors’ breadth of product offering; sales and technical support; overall ease of doing business; on-time delivery performance; website functionality; and price competitiveness. They were then asked which distributor they preferred overall. The results are shown in the charts that follow.

For each graph, all “satisfied” or better responses, as well as the “dissatisfied” or worse responses, were combined. These scores are represented by percentage on the stacked bars. The results are sorted by a distributor’s performance for that specific criteria.





For the third time in as many years, Heilind Electronics was chosen as the best connector distributor in Bishop & Associates’ survey of interconnect customers. Heilind captured 35% of the votes from the more than 1,000 connector buyers and engineers who completed the survey. TTI received the second highest number of votes, followed by Digi-Key. Heilind also scored well in the individual categories of the survey, achieving first place status for breadth of product, sales and technical support, ease of doing business, and price competitiveness. Digi-Key won top honors for on-time delivery and website functionality.

The survey results were shared with the distributors at the Electronics Distribution Show in Las Vegas earlier this month.

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