2024 Sensors Product Roundup

By AJ Born | February 27, 2024

This week’s Product Roundup highlights sensors from leading connector manufacturers and suppliers.


PEI-Genesis supplies Trafag’s complete line of temperature monitoring productsPEI-Genesis supplies Trafag’s complete line of temperature monitoring products including transmitters, switches, and gauges. From high accuracy lab grade measurement to OEM volume requirements, all the bases are covered. Trafag temperature transmitters are used for electronically measuring and evaluating temperature and are proven in a multitude of harsh environment applications. They are ideal for machine tools, hydraulic power units, cooling and lubrication systems, HVAC, process technology, shipbuilding, railways, and refrigeration.


Powell Electronics supplies Honeywell battery safety aerosol sensors (BAS Series)Powell Electronics supplies Honeywell battery safety aerosol sensors (BAS Series). These automotive-grade aerosol sensors use the principle of light scattering to detect and report thermal runaway events in lithium-ion battery packs. They detect the presence and concentration of aerosols such as smoke, liquid, and debris that are early indicators of a thermal runaway event in an enclosed lithium-ion battery pack.


Amphenol LTW provides a comprehensive product range of M series connectorsAmphenol LTW provides a comprehensive product range of M series connectors, including M5, M8, guided M8, M10.5, M12, 7/8″, and M23. The M series is typically designed for industrial process measurement and control according to IEC standards 61076-2-101 and IEC 61076-2-104, offering secure and reliable data as well as superior power transmission performance. M series connectors are key components for sensor products such as proximity sensors, temperature sensors, light sensors, and liquid flow and level sensors. M16 – M58 are available upon request. Amphenol LTW’s M8 and M12 distribution boxes provide optimized design, competitive pricing, and a total solution with a comprehensive range of cordsets, field installable connectors, and accessories.

ept’s 0.8 mm pitch connector family, Zero8ept’s 0.8 mm pitch connector family, Zero8 provides the miniaturization, high-speed, and robustness required for today’s sensors. Zero8 has genderless contacting, with both a blade contact and spring contact on each side of the connector pair, leading to double contacting on a single pin, ensuring high redundancy and maximum contact reliability. With 1.7 A current carrying capacity as well as speeds of 16+ Gb/s and beyond, the Zero8 offers safe, robust, and gas-tight mating despite external influences such as shocks, vibrations, corrosive gases, and thermal cycles.

I-PEX ES-GripperThe I-PEX ES-Gripper is equipped with core technologies in automated machinery and sensor development, providing comprehensive connector assembly automation solutions. The sensor, named ESTORQ, lies at the heart of this advancement, ensuring delicate yet secure handling for enhanced efficiency and throughput. The I-PEX CARA Lab combines unparalleled speed and precision to optimize connector assembly processes using the ES-Gripper.

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