Omnetics PZN Connectors with Nano-Pin and Sockets

By Cable Assembly Supplier | March 18, 2013

Omnetics PZN Connectors with Nano-Pin and Sockets

Miniature wire harnesses and connectors are increasingly being adapted to the more rugged environment of portable medical and military electronics. Reduced space for interconnections, demand for smaller, more flexible wiring, and tight-area circuit board contact systems have pushed the limits of conventional connector systems.

To meet the new demands, Omnetics’ PZN connectors have been designed, built, and tested using military style nano-pin and sockets to sustain constant signal integrity during shock and vibration for portable electronic systems. The connector contact spacing is set at 25 one-thousandths of an inch and uses both the male and female within the same insulator design. The connector design provides self-alignment during the mating process. Shell and lead formats for SMT and other shapes are readily available with contact counts from 4 to 24 leads. Typical wiring for cable interconnection is accomplished using 32 AWG Teflon-insulated, multi-strand copper wire rated for up to 1 ampere of current.

Medical electronics, military equipment, robotics, and surveillance circuitry increasingly stress reduced size, rugged portability, and higher-quality signal processing. Circuits using the new PZN connector family range from differential signal processing for digital image processing to low lever power routing to sub-circuits in modules. Current applications include UAV electronics, probe handles, and optical tools for surgery. Robotic limbs are a perfect application, as each joint area can be addressed using the ultra-miniature PZN connectors to help signal routing and fit into the flexible circuit design being considered. It can substantially help squeeze more interconnection into a smaller space. Custom-designed miniature cable systems can include EMI shielding and/or multiple sets of shielded twisted pairs to keep circuit instructions separate and prevent noise intrusion.

With Omnetics’ “Solid Works” design service, the designer can also ask for and receive custom design shapes of the PZN connector to fit directly into his current model circuit. The company’s goal is to return the new design to the client in two days.

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