Giatech Intros MaxFlite Data Cables

By Cable Assembly Supplier | March 07, 2013

Giatech Intros MaxFlite Data Cables

Giatech introduced MaxFlite Data Cables, high-performance 100 Base-T Ethernet cables designed for use in aircraft In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) systems and other high-performance, high-speed Ethernet applications, such as defense, military, ground transportation, industrial, and RF communications applications.

The MaxFlite products are typically twisted pair, quad, or multi-pair constructions and, because their design utilizes fluoropolymer materials, they have superior temperature performance. They are also RoHS-compliant and meet the flammability requirements of FAR25.853, as well as the smoke and toxicity requirements of Boeing and Airbus ABD0031. Standard applications include 100 Base-T Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, CAN bus, and IEEE1394 Firewire.

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