Molex iPass+ zHD Vertical Connectors Operate at SAS-3 and Projected SAS-4 High-Speed Bandwidths

By Connector Supplier | February 04, 2013

Molex iPass+ zHD Vertical Connectors Operate at SAS-3 and Projected SAS-4 High-Speed Bandwidths

Molex introduced high-density iPass+ zHD vertical connectors for midplane or other non-edge-board applications. The new iPass+ zHD vertical connector system provides a 0.75mm pitch vertical connector that meets requirements of SAS-3 and projected SAS-4 bandwidths.

“Limited airflow and high cross talk are becoming recurring problems in many servers and computing systems,” said Joe Dambach, new product development manager, Molex. “The iPass+ zHD vertical connector solves these issues for customers with a one-step placement, low-profile design that provides excellent signal integrity performance while maintaining a small footprint on the PCB.”

Featuring a robust and secure connection, Molex iPass+ zHD connectors are scalable up to 96 Gb/s data rates (24 Gbps over 4 lanes). The new iPass+ zHD vertical connectors improve system airflow and reduce board space constraints by providing flexible midplane design options. The waferized connector design optimizes the PCB footprint with low insertion loss, low integrated cross-talk noise, low return loss, and only minimal performance variation across all high-speed channels.

The vertical press-fit iPass+ zHD connector nearly doubles the number of ports on the PCB, compared to conventional iPass connectors. One-step placement reduces cost and time associated with the wave solder process. The iPass+ zHD connectors mate to all current miniSAS HD (Molex iPass+ HD) passive copper, active copper, and optical cable assemblies. A positive locking latch ensures secure mating retention to cable assemblies.

“Innovative iPass+ zHD vertical connectors deliver Molex customers a virtually future-proof new connector design for SAS-3 and projected SAS-4 high-speed server-storage networks,” said Dambach.

Available in multiple configurations (1-by-1, 1-by-2, 1-by-4), versatile press-fit iPass+ zHD connectors accommodate a range of high density data and networking applications.

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