Wieland WT Series DIN Rail Terminal Blocks

By News Release | October 20, 2014

The Wieland WT Series DIN-rail terminal blocks provide screw-clamp terminal block design with push-in jumpers and a flexible marking system.

Wieland ElectricWieland WT Series DIN Rail Terminal Blocks has significantly enhanced the design of its proven DIN rail-mounted screw-clamp terminal blocks. Part of the company’s selos family, the WT Series terminal blocks combine Wieland’s years of manufacturing experience with design innovations to simplify and enhance control cabinet wiring.

The new WT Series terminal blocks feature an enhanced push-in jumpering system that forms a low-resistance, vibration-proof connection when inserted. This is achieved by separating the rugged steel spring for mechanical fastening from the jumper’s copper current bar. The dual-channel jumpering system enables extended jumper lengths as well as the ability to bridge multiple potentials on parallel blocks (such as linking alternate terminals on every second or third block, using notched jumpers).

Compatible with Wieland’s pluggable test adapters, the plug-in jumpers also enable fast testing of assembled control panels, and they are compatible with both screw-clamp and spring-cage connectors to facilitate inventory management.

Another new feature of the WT Series terminal blocks is the introduction of screwless (snap-on) ground blocks to speed up installation onto DIN rails. In addition, the redesigned terminal blocks now come in a uniform size for wires up to 6 AWG, which improves appearance and reduces the number of end plates required.

The WT Series terminal blocks can now use a flexible terminal marking system with commercially available thermal transfer labels. Wieland’s standard hard plastic marking tags are also available for applications requiring a non-sliding, robustly anchored tag.

“These latest design innovations to Wieland’s proven terminal blocks deliver time-saving benefits without compromising quality and reliability,” said Martin Lalonde, application engineer at Wieland Electric. “And they continue to offer the leading design features that have been a highlight of Wieland’s terminal block design, including the maintenance-free screw clamp connection design that permits stress-free disconnection and reconnection of wires.”

The WT Series terminal blocks are available in sizes and assorted colors up to 85A, 4 AWG, in standard feed-through, multi-pole, multi-tier, and special function versions.

News Release
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