Barrier Blocks Product Roundup 

By AJ Born | August 08, 2023

This week’s Product Roundup highlights barrier blocks from leading suppliers.

Barrier blocks

Avnet supplies barrier terminal blocks from TE Connectivity. Barrier blocks are interconnect devices which consist of short metal strips separated by a raised insulated “barrier” and connectors or screws which allow for termination and wire connection. Barrier terminal blocks are available in panel mount or through hole mounting styles.


Marathon Special Products 1500 series, supplied by RS, are rugged terminal blocks that provide protection from direct contact with live terminals from a large object.  They are heavily used in utility industry applications.


Greenconn’s barrier-style terminal blocks provide single-row, double row, and high voltage options to fit a variety of applications. They are designed to simplify wiring work by reducing splicing, preventing current leaks and short circuits, and increasing insulation. These barrier blocks are built with sturdy, high quality thermoplastic material that makes them break-resistant and heat-resistant. Careful quality-control testing ensures they function well and are long-lasting when used in industrial controls, industrial water pumps, power supplies, and other electrical applications requiring high-current input and output connections.

Learn more about terminal blocks.

Terminal Blocks Product Roundup

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