Waveguide Components Product Roundup

By AJ Born | March 05, 2024

This week’s Product Roundup highlights waveguide adapters from leading connector manufacturers and suppliers.

Waveguide Adapters

Smiths Interconnect offers a broad choice of standard junction and differential 4-port waveguide componentsSmiths Interconnect offers a broad choice of standard junction and differential 4-port waveguide components. The highest power devices are based on differential phase shift technology while lower power devices are supplied based on traditional junction technology. Waveguide to coaxial transitions is an integral capability and Smiths Interconnect offers a choice of connector type and orientation, pin/socket interfaces to waveguide apertures with standard or custom flange details. Waveguide iso-adapters span from S to Ka-Band and include coaxial and waveguide isolators with transitions to waveguide and integrated assemblies including filtering and waveguide windows. Waveguide couplers, combiners, and splitters are designed to complement waveguide isolators and terminations.

Rosenberger offers a diversified range of waveguide-to-coaxial adaptorsRosenberger offers a diversified range of waveguide-to-coaxial adaptors for enabling an efficient transition between the waveguide and the coaxial connector. These flexible solutions deliver low-loss transmission performance up to 110 GHz and offer users many advantages such as high packing density, excellent electrical and mechanical stability, and multiple mating cycles. These waveguide adaptors are used in semiconductor test equipment applications.

Samtec’s new, high frequency micro waveguide technologySamtec’s new, high frequency micro waveguide technology is designed to support the demands of next generation millimeter wave systems. Due to loss requirements, higher frequencies often require the use of rigid, metallic waveguides. Samtec’s innovative technology provides an alternative solution that is flexible, easier to use, and lower cost, while also maintaining the near-loss performance of a traditional rigid waveguide. Samtec flexible waveguides utilize a cable design which allows flexibility and a reduced size, but with a loss performance greatly improved over coaxial cables. The V-Band waveguide is available now (WF15 Series), with E-Band (WF12 Series) scheduled for release soon. WF15 Series works in the V-Band spectrum with a frequency range of 50 GHz to 75 GHz, is dynamically stable during flexure, and uses reliable threaded coupling. It has an ultra-small form factor plug of 5 mm (.196”) x 8 mm (.314”), with a cross section of 3.76 mm (.148”) x 1.88 mm (.074”) nominal. The loss performance is similar to that of a rigid waveguide, but greatly improved over coaxial cable. The V-Band between-series waveguide flange adaptor is the Samtec WGBA Series, a UG-385 to threaded waveguide jack.

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