TPC Wire & Cable Introduces Smaller, More Durable Reeling Cable

By Cable Assembly Supplier | November 11, 2013

TPC Wire & Cable introduced a new product in its Trex-Onics family of cables.

The Trex-Onics Reduced Diameter, Extra-Heavy Duty Reeling Cable was designed with a smaller diameter and lighter weight to reduce wear and tear on reels, connectors, and the cable itself.

In addition to providing excellent abrasion resistance, the heavy-duty TPE dual-layer jacket also contains a reinforcing aramid braid between the layers. This braid provides greater than 1,800 pounds of tensile load capability, which practically eliminates “cork-screwing” under tension and premature cable failure common to standard multi-conductor cables. The cable offers UV resistance and all-weather flexibility to -50°C, which is critical in the harsh environments it will face serving industries ranging from steel mills, food processing, wood, and paper product manufacturing, to oil and gas drilling operations.

The Trex-Onics Reduced Diameter, Extra-Heavy Duty Reeling Cable can be used anywhere a cable is being pulled in tension, either hanging or retracting from a reel. TPC Wire & Cable’s customers will benefit from its use in applications such as cable reels, cranes and hoists, transfer vehicles, power tracks or cable carriers, industrial elevators, pendants, and festoon systems.

“This new reeling cable was designed to provide exceptional performance while dramatically reducing the overall cable weight,” said Todd Hadbavny, product manager at TPC. “We offer cables that last substantially longer than the alternative in order to reduce our customer’s downtime and maintenance expense while increasing productivity. The entire Trex-Onics product line is ideal for applications requiring flexibility and resistance to abrasion, oil, and chemicals.”

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