TE Rayseal Repair Sleeve for Large-Gauge Cables

By News Release | April 20, 2015

The TE Rayseal repair sleeve delivers fast, reliable, large-gauge cable repair with a new side-entry repair solution.

TE Connectivity announcedTE Rayseal Repair Sleeve for Large-Gauge Cables its Raychem Rayseal large-gauge wire repair (LGWR) sleeve for military aerospace and defense, commercial air, and military ground system applications. 

The Rayseal LGWR sleeve is a high-performance, side-entry, heat-shrinkable sleeve with an adhesive lining. The product is designed for fast, reliable, and sealed repairs to large-gauge cables (from 8AWG up to 4/0AWG) and power feeders with chafed or cracked insulation. Its side-entry design enables it to be installed without de-pinning connectors or breaking system integrity, significantly reducing repair time and saving money.

“It is costly to disconnect a large-gauge cable on an aircraft in order to repair a jacket. Our solution is to provide a side-entry jacket repair method that can be installed over the damaged cable jacket to fully seal it and provide a permanent, robust repair,” said Mark Taylor, product manager, Global Aerospace, Defense & Marine, TE.

The Rayseal sleeve’s tough outer fluoropolymer material has been designed to provide significant resistance to mechanical abrasion and common aerospace fuels and fluids, as well as for excellent performance at high temperatures. 

A high-temperature adhesive lining seals around the underlying damage to the cable jacket in order to maintain the cable jacket properties as close as possible to its original specification. The operating temperature range is from -65°C up to +260°C. 

The Rayseal LGWR sleeve will be supplied in kit form with abrasive paper for cable jacket preparation, jacket cleaning wipes, and high-temperature film tape to allow for effective installation.

News Release
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