Silicon Valley Think Tank Examines Future of the Car

By News Release | August 03, 2013

Silicon Valley Think Tank Examines Future of the Car

A think tank has been arranged for September in Silicon Valley to assess the future of the car and urban mobility overall. The organizers, Frost & Sullivan, say vehicle consumers face an increasingly congested, environmentally challenged, and technologically ubiquitous world that demands smarter solutions that will keep pushing the boundaries of the car as we know it.

The Future of the Car Think Tank will be held on September 10 in Silicon Valley and features a number of other industry-specific think tanks throughout the congress, which takes place September 8-11.

The think tank begins with the “Game-Changing Technologies Affecting the Future of Urban Mobility” session that explores important technologies coming to fruition from various industry sources and their relevance to and impact on the future of mobility.

“Revolutionary and disruptive technologies are affecting the future competitive battleground in mobility,” said Sarwant Singh, senior partner and business unit leader of Frost & Sullivan’s automotive and transportation practice. “Understanding the roadmap of the key mobility game-changing technologies and adoption timeframes, stakeholders at the forefront of the trends, and relevant industry convergences are all key to building a winning future mobility strategy.”

The opening session is followed by Jay Joseph, senior manager of American Honda Motor’s product regulatory office, who will speak about the future of the car within the context of autonomous driving. Frost & Sullivan say that soon the technologies necessary to enable automated vehicle control will be ready to apply to mass production vehicles. This session will address whether or not OEMs, dealers, regulators, law enforcement, vehicle purchasers, and drivers will be ready for automation to occur, as well as how this movement will affect the concept of personal mobility.

The session will further cover the necessary technologies for automated vehicle control such as LIDAR, radar, camera, GPS, and fusion systems combining multiple technologies.

The final Future of the Car think tank session is “Ask the Experts! Interactive Panel Discussion on Business Implications and Opportunities for the Future Car,” featuring moderator Veerender Kaul, vice president, research automotive and transportation at Frost & Sullivan, along with other leaders in the field, who will explore the impact of the automatic/autonomous connected car on the automotive value chain and business models, and help synthesize new opportunities likely to emerge.

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