Samtec Discrete Wire IDC Components

By News Release | August 12, 2014

Samtec discrete wire IDC components eliminate the expense and need for special tooling.

SamtecSamtec Discrete Wire IDC Components recently released a 2mm (.0787″) pitch discrete wire IDC system designed for a high reliability connection and ease of discrete wire termination in field applications. Available as an IDC connector only, this system eliminates the expense and need for special tooling, as well as any additional cost to purchase and inventory separate parts including bodies, contacts, etc.

The 2mm (.0787″) discrete wire IDC system includes a cable socket connector (I2SS Series) and a mating board level header (T2I Series). The cable socket connector is available in two to five positions and accepts 24 AWG discrete wires, which are held in place by the connector and then terminated with standard flat jaw pliers. The board-level header is a single-row configuration with thru-hole termination for increased stability on the board. In addition, a single end latching system is standard for secure locking.

This system is ideal for industrial applications including installation, testing, and maintenance in the field due to the fact that no special tooling is required for assembly. Additional applications include I/O, controls, factory automation, instrumentation, and measurement equipment.

Samtec offers a full line of discrete wire systems and is uniquely positioned as a full support supplier of discrete wire products, from components and tooling to complete cable assemblies. Samtec offers components in a variety of pin counts, bodies, and options, as well as loose or full-reel contacts and terminals. Hand tools and mini applicators are available for customer assembly production. The full line of discrete wire products includes standard cable assemblies with thousands of options available for maximum flexibility, as well as extended capabilities to create a custom solution for any design challenge.

News Release
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